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Scorpio forecast for Findesemana 30 September 2014

When our defences are down or our ambitions are up, we may deliberately make life difficult for ourselves. We may, for example, identify and acknowledge some easy way to attain an objective and then decide that it might be more rewarding to undertake the exercise with a handicap. Can it be done blindfolded? With one hand tied behind the back? Whilst collaborating with an individual we find disagreeable? Either try to enjoy the challenge you appear to have set yourself today, or pick a less challenging alternative.

The last day of September is a date for making decisions that could have big consequences. If you've got choices coming up in your life... or if, indeed, you'd like to have more choices, you need a full personal horoscope calculated from your exact date, time and place of birth. For the last day of September only there's a 24 hour, 20% discount on all my horoscope chart services. Download your discounted chart here.

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