Celebrity Virgo

Niall Horan 13 September 1993

Forecast for Wednesday 16 April 2014

'If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same...' So go the two most wonderful lines in Rudyard Kipling's wonderful poem, If. If you know the work, you can probably guess what is coming up next in tomorrow's forecast. But then, that's appropriate because it is my job, as someone who is supposed to see the future for you, to encourage you to foresee the future for yourself! And as long as you strive to be realistic and impartial now, you can do that most profitably.

This week's Lunar Eclipse and 'Grand Cross' together is the most significant astrological influence for some time. Anything and everything positive can happen. A full personal horoscope chart will allow you to take advantage of this unique opportunity so you can achieve what you've been hoping for. Get yours with a 20% discount here

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