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Selling Sunset's Heather Rae Young reveals 2021 wedding plans, her guest list and saying yes to the dress

The TV star shared some personal photos from her wedding planning

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Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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This year will certainly be a memorable one for Heather Rae Young, who got engaged to partner Tarek El Moussa while celebrating their one-year anniversary in July.

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The Selling Sunset star, who said she was "so happy" to be tying the knot, has exclusively opened up to HELLO! about their 2021 wedding plans, the future of the hit Netflix series and the secrets to keeping her gorgeous figure. Heather also shared some never-before-seen photos from her private camera roll. See the exclusive interview and snaps below.

I think people will be so surprised about my wedding dress choice...

I didn't choose the dress based on the location that we're having it, I wanted to choose the dress based on the one that I fell in love with, it's very sexy, elegant. I think a lot of people see me in a certain type of dress. The dress I posted the other day on Instagram was my second runner-up, I think people probably see me in a dress like that, but the one I chose, I don't think anyone would expect to see me in it.

heather rae wedding dress shopping

My family helped me pick the perfect rehearsal dinner dress... 

I chose Galia Lahav as my wedding dress designer, so I've chosen my wedding dress and now I am trying to pick a rehearsal dinner dress. I've been trying on different dresses, it's been really exciting. It was hard to pick my dress so I brought my mum, my best friend and my sister and we tried on about five dresses and the top three I tried on three different times in a row for them and then we all narrowed it down to my favourite one. They all loved exactly the same one I loved. 

heather and tarek boat

My wedding will be a mix of Mary and Christine's from Selling Sunset...

I think Christine's was very over the top glam and Mary's was so beautiful and it was a bit smaller than probably Tarek and I will have. We will probably have 120 people. I envision having fire torches and candles everywhere, and flowers. I think we'll end up doing a black-tie wedding. So the women will be in gowns, we are thinking of doing muted colours, black and gold, champagne and silver. I want to do it somewhere by the water so maybe on the sand or on the grass overlooking the ocean. We just haven't decided 100 per cent yet. 

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We want to enjoy the experience of being engaged. I love being a fiancée, I love saying I am a fiancée. I can't wait to be a wife, but once you're a wife, you're a wife so… I'm excited for the process.

We plan to tie the knot in 2021... 

Some time in the summer or early fall. 2020 was a rough year for everyone so Tarek proposing really changed stuff around and brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people, especially us so, now we are excited to plan, but we don't want to have a COVID wedding, so we are going to make sure we have it far enough out and we don't have to worry about that.

heather rae and tarek

We already know what we want for a wedding cake...

I can't wait to go wedding cake tasting because we will probably have a vegan cake and a non-vegan cake and we both love chocolate peanut butter so maybe one of them will be chocolate peanut butter. And I told him last night about these cakes that are dripping, almost like dripping down, so a black cake with red dripping down, or something like that. Something cool.

heather rae cake

Tarek's children Taylor and Brayden will be involved in our special day...

We want Taylor and Brayden to stand up there with us... Taylor and I are very close, since the day I met her. And I was telling Tarek yesterday, she's like my little bestie, she's just so much fun, so full of life and she's so highly intelligent, we just have the best conversations and we have so much fun together.

Taylor will be the head bridesmaid, we are not having a bridal party, and she will be up there with me. Brayden will be the ring bearer, hopefully he doesn't lose it down the aisle! I am sure Tarek and him will go tux shopping and have a fun father-son day.

heather rae and family

As for having kids myself one day...

It's not a yes and it's not a no. I think right now we are still busy and I am so happy with his kids that I don't feel I'm ready to have children of my own right now but there's always a possibility in the future.

I've been plant-based for 11 years...

I work really, really hard. I work out a lot. Since four months ago, Tarek and I have been going to hot yoga two to three times a week and I don't just go to look good, or to stay fit, I also go for my mind. And it's been such a great bonding experience to do it together, and I look forward to it. And when we leave, I just feel like my mind is clear and just happier. I am obsessed with it. I also like to run, I run four miles twice a week. I'm really clean with my diet, I don't eat a lot of sugar or carbs. I like vegetables, salads, I like to eat very clean.

I've even launched my own protein...

It's shipping worldwide so you can buy it anywhere in the world. It's chocolate peanut butter, it's a brand new flavour that we created together. I've been working on this for four to five months and it's a fun process to work on it from the beginning. And it's the best protein powder I've had in my life. It's plant-based and it's been really hard to find a good powder that I actually enjoy and that I don't have to mix a lot of other stuff in to get a flavour that I can tolerate. The flavour is incredible. Kids love it, Tarek loves it, and pregnant people can have it.

heather rae protein

I can't spill any secrets about Selling Sunset... yet!

We don't know if we got season four yet, we are waiting. We can't imagine not getting picked up again but I can't talk about it.

I can say how the wardrobe selection works though...

They really give us free rein, they want us to be ourselves. It's a reality show so they really want us to be ourselves, us to feel comfortable with what we are wearing. There were certain outfits when I was watching, that I thought, 'That didn’t translate well on camera' but we are our own worst critic, right? So, every time I see myself on camera I think, 'Okay, I should have worn that' or, 'I should have done that different' so I love finding new outfits.

We like to borrow each other's clothes...

We used to borrow dresses from each other, because we film and we work so much. We don't just buy clothes for filming, but we definitely, towards the end, we were swapping outfits or if we were filming I would say 'Ok, can I borrow this?' and Mary would borrow something of mine and Christine has this great wardrobe but she is definitely over the top with her outfits and I couldn't pull it off!

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