Catherine Zeta-Jones shares rare family photo with four generations of family

That's a lot of generations!

This picture of the Douglas family clan is absolutely spectacular! We're all familiar with the woes of organising Sunday lunch. Numerous back and forths on strangely named family Whatsapp groups trying to tie everyone down, then just when you think you've locked everyone in for a Sunday (albeit one three months in the future) someone remembers that they're working that weekend and you have to start all over. It's an absolute nightmare. Unless of course, you're Hollywood royalty Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas.

The pair recently enjoyed a family lunch in Beverly Hills, and by family, we don't just mean Catherine, Michael and their children Dylan and Carys. Oh no. We're talking a whopping four generations of family members. The oldest in attendance was Michael's 102-year-old father Kirk Douglas, who is an iconic actor best known for his role in Spartacus. The youngest was Michael's grandaughter Lua, who is just 20 months old. Aside from Kirk, baby Lua and their children, the famous couple was also joined by Michael's niece Kelsey (who shared the photo on Instagram) and Kirk's wife Anne who is an amazing 100 years old.

Kelsey shared the incredible picture on her Instagram

Kelsey captioned the amazing snap: "A table of strong jawlines, large appetites and a shared love for attention #FAMILY. (Missing a few key players @tylerdougie @ryandawglas – family photos are tough.) Tell us about it, Kelsey!

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Unsurprisingly, fans were completely bowled over by the snap. One Instagrammer replied: "Beautiful family. Thank you for taking the time to give us this photo," while another added: "It's a rare occasion that four generations can sit around the same table. My father was 104 when we did. Savour every memory. Kirk, you are one in a million. A legend. Loved all your movies." Hear hear!

Kelsey loves sharing updates of her famous family 

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Catherine and Michael are fast approaching their 19th wedding anniversary in November, and we can't wait to see how many family members show up for that one!

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