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Frank Lampard reveals how wife Christine supports him through work pressures

The couple married in December 2015

frank lampard wife christine
Sharnaz Shahid
Deputy Online Editor
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Frank Lampard may have a busy football career - but its business as usual when it comes to his home life with wife Christine! Appearing on The High Performance Podcast with Jake Humphrey and Professor Damian Hughes, the 42-year-old opened up about their marriage - and how they balance each other perfectly.

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"We sit for hours at work talking, obviously planning and discussing things," explained the Chelsea football manager. "But to come on that, like Christine has a bit of a joke with me at home when we're watching football constantly all the time, and she's like almost fed up.

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"I'm talking football in the conversation probably becomes a bit boring, and she does reflect on the fact that it's only kicking a ball, and it's only like a game. And she's not criticising on that point, she's almost like, 'you're becoming really, really intense about this, and maybe not seeing a bit of clarity in this instance. When really you've got to look at it as it's a game, and you're dealing with people.'

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"That's kind of the most important thing really, very simple, there's a lot more to it of course, but come back to that some time to make sure you realise what it is."

frank lampard wife christine event© Photo: Getty Images

The football manager has opened up about married life

The couple, who got married in December 2015, are doting parents to their little girl Patricia, who turns two this month. Frank is also a dad to his eldest two daughters Luna and Isla from his former relationship with Elen Rivas.

Asked about his late mum and her advice on being kinder to himself, Frank explained: "Yeah, I'm okay with it. Because you mentioned Christine, I've got a fantastic, supportive wife. I've got three daughters, one relatively young and my elder two.

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"We have all just been away for a few days in the break that we've had. And those are moments that are just brilliant for me and actually come away from - so I try and be. Be kind to yourself, maybe it sounds a bit like a false kind of motto now, but I do have to have time."

christine lampard patricia© Photo: Instagram

The couple share one daughter together

It seems Frank's strong support network has always been on hand to help. "When you have good people around you, and you look at your daughters and your wife, those are the moments that I can be," he added. "And I'm in work mode a lot. I can't change that. Christine snaps me out of it sometimes [during] our own personal moments. I try and enjoy them, and I do enjoy them."

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Of fatherhood, the former footballer continued: "I try and be the dad, as I did with my two older daughters as well, and obviously still try and do as they get older as still obviously the relationship changes.

"But with Patricia, lockdown came, obviously a difficult time for everyone in the world. But for me, in terms of home life and being able to devote more time to her, it was the big plus of a tough time for everybody, for me at home.

christine bleakley frank lampard wedding© Photo: Getty Images

The TV star married Frank in December 2015

Admitting that he's at work at lot, he explained: "I'm always the dad that seems to go away to work quite a lot and probably come back, in her very young years. But sometimes you get that big, bubbly smile because you are the one that doesn't do all of the nitty-gritty jobs that Christine has to do, and I just have to come back and make her laugh and be funny.

"It's just a great position sometimes. But that's all I want to do. And bring her up with good manners. I want her to be a polite young girl, as I try to do with my older daughters because that's what would make me proud. I don't care... well I do care that they get their great grades when they get to the GCSEs and A level time. But if they're good people, then that's all I really want from them."

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