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Kylie Minogue's full relationship history revealed – from Jason Donovan to Joshua Sasse

The Padam Padam singer will be honoured with the Global Icon award at Saturday's BRIT Awards

Split image of Kylie Minogue with Jason Donvan, Paul Solomons and Joshua Sasse
Matthew Moore
Online News Writer & Diversity and Inclusion Lead
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Kylie Minogue is due to be presented with the Global Icon award during Saturday's BRIT Awards, alongside what will no doubt be an iconic performance.

The 55-year-old is believed to be single after she split from ex-boyfriend Paul Solomons at the start of 2023. But who else has the Princess of Pop dated? Read on to discover her list of exes, and it is certainly star-studded…

Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue singing and dancing© Tim Hall
Jason was Kylie's first love

Kylie's first boyfriend went from fiction to reality as she began dating her Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan. It wasn't just in real life that Kylie and Jason were an item, their respective characters Charlene and Scott were also a couple, with their wedding being one of the long-running soap's most-viewed episodes.

Like Kylie, Jason was also involved in the music industry and the former lovers even recorded their romantic hit, Especially for You in 1988. Their respective music careers often saw them spending time together, and three years after they became a couple, Kylie called Jason to split up with him after her heart was stolen by another man, INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

Kylie and Jason have, however, remained close with Jason joining Kylie on-stage in 2018 to reprise their hit song during Glastonbury, and they even reprised their role as lovers Scott and Charlene when they appeared in what was thought to be Neighbours' final episode.

Michael Hutchence

A black-and-white photo of Michael Hutchence embracing Kylie Minogue at a party© Peter Carrette Archive
Michael left Kylie for Helena Christensen

Michael and Kylie first met in 1989 and despite being forward with the singer, Kylie confirmed that the duo didn't become an item until after her split from Jason. "He did ask to kiss me numerous times and I did say no numerous times," the Padam Padam singer revealed in a 2014 interview.

Their relationship brought out a new side of Kylie, who was previously seen as "squeaky clean" and their antics often hit tabloid headlines, but Kylie has confirmed the pair did share a more intimate relationship.

"To have someone like that open your eyes to many many things in a rock and roll way, in a poetic way, in a lovable, humorous, amazing way, obviously it was a great time," she confirmed. "Even when it was slightly on the wild side, he was always very tender with me. I was a precious little thing to him so amongst the headiness, it was always very sweet." 

In 1991, Michael left Kylie for model Helena Christensen, a moment that "broke" the singer's heart. However, the pair were able to remain friends and Kylie was in attendance for Michael's funeral in 1997, and even paid tribute to him during her 2015 tour.

Stéphane Sednaoui

Kylie Minogue and Stephane Sednaoui at the Royal Albert Hall© Dave Benett
Kylie and Stephane kept their relationship out of the public eye

Kylie's next relationship was with French music video director and actor Stéphane Sednaoui, with the pair dating between 1996 and 1998. Kylie and Stéphane worked together artistically for the 1996 video for German Bold Italic by Towa Tei. The couple kept their relationship low-key and Stéphane is said to be the inspiration for her 1998 song, Breathe.

James Gooding

Kylie Minogue in white jumper and jeans with James Gooding in a black outfit© UK Press
Kylie and James had a messy break-up

Kylie dated model James Gooding between 2000 and 2003, but the pair had a very messy break-up following James's affair with fellow model Sophie Dahl. In an interview, James branded the singer as a "self-obsessed, virtually friendless control freak," while Kylie said their pairing was doomed due to the model's "drugs and boozing".

In a 2003 interview, Kylie said: "I was madly in love with James from the beginning but it all went so badly wrong. He couldn't live without sniffing a line of cocaine or drinking heavily," and admitted she should have "ditched" him earlier.

Olivier Martinez

Kylie Minogue in a red dress with Olivier Martinez in a black suit© Dave Hogan
Olivier supported Kylie following her cancer diagnosis

Months after her split from James, Kylie began dating French actor Olivier Martinez, and the couple certainly seemed to be perfect together, with the star even supporting Kylie through her breast cancer diagnosis in 2005.

Kylie recounted to Elle: "On particular dark days, I'd be lying on the bathroom floor wailing and he'd say, 'OK, honey, you can cry for just five minutes, then I'm taking you on the bike for a ride around Paris'."

Sadly, the pair weren't to last and they split in February 2007. At the time, there were reports that Olivier had cheated on the musician, however, the couple refuted these claims. In 2017, the former couple were seen together again, but ultimately nothing came of this.

Andres Velencoso

Andres Velencoso going in to kiss Kylie Minogue© Jamie McCarthy
Kylie was "devastated" following her split from Andres

In 2008, while filming a perfume ad, Kylie met Spanish model Andres Velencoso, and the pair quickly became smitten with one another, dating each other for five years. The pair reportedly split because of Kylie's busy work schedule and the singer was said to be "devastated" and "heartbroken" they had gone their separate ways.

In a 2014 interview on an Australian radio station, the Spinning Around hitmaker confessed: "I was very sad. You come out the other side of that, being super busy and on the cusp of so many new things [it] helps to move on. It was an amicable separation, I still love Andres, he's the nicest guy, he's the coolest guy."

Joshua Sasse

Kylie Minogue in a red dress and Joshua Sasse in a navy blue suit© Dave J Hogan
Kylie and Joshua got engaged in 2016 before calling things off

In 2015, Kylie began dating actor Joshua Sasse, and the couple even got engaged the following year, albeit with a low-key announcement in the Telegraph. However, cracks soon began appearing in their relationship and in 2017, the singer reportedly kicked the actor out after growing suspicious he was being unfaithful.

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Confirming their split on Instagram, Kylie said: "Thank you for all your love and support throughout this recent chapter of my life. Thank you now for your love and understanding with the news that Josh and I have decided to go our separate ways. We wish only the best for each other as we venture towards new horizons."

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The star hasn't regretted their split, and speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Kylie commented: "I feel great actually. It's not been the easiest times of late but that is a purely personal matter and I have no regrets. Life is about love and experience and learning and evolving and I am richer and thankful for all of the experiences in my life. I'm also very touched and thankful for the generous support from my fans."

Paul Solomons

Kylie Minogue and Paul Solomons at a Versace event© Dave Benett
Kylie and Paul split in 2023

Kylie's most recent relationship was with GQ's creative director Paul Solomons, with the singer confirming their coupling on her 50th birthday. Kylie was clearly smitten with her beau, as she gushed in an interview: "I've met someone who I feel good with. It feels right. I can feel my face going, people say 'Your face changes when you take about him,' and it does. Happiness. "He's an inspiring, funny, talented guy. He's got a real-life actual job! It's lovely."

However, the romance was not to last, and the pair split in February 2023 after their relationship became long-distance.

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