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Dylan Dreyer reflects on her luggage mishap as she fits into six-year-old son's clothes

The Today star has been soaking up the sun in Italy

Dylan Dreyer set Today looking somber
Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Dylan Dreyer's dream Italian vacation didn't go quite according to plan after a luggage mishap resulted in her having no suitcase for the duration of her trip. 

However, the NBC star – who is a co-anchor on the Third Hour of Today – made a breakthrough realization about her appearance as a result of the incident, and it sounds so refreshing! 

Taking to Instagram, the 41-year-old shared a new reel of pictures posted from the trip, including one of her wearing a white vest top and tiny denim shorts, while posing in the sun with a relative.Alongside the snapshot, she wrote: "I've learned on Day 5 without luggage and traveling with my family that…LITERALLY NO ONE CARES WHAT I'M WEARING! My sister in law @nmredding and I are wearing my MIL's clothes, I wear Calvin's PJs to bed, and we have fun together all day long.

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"I've never felt more free (although this doesn't get you off the hook @delta and @klm…I really liked the clothes I packed and I could really use a new pair of contacts!!) In the meantime, we'll continue to make memories!!"

Fans were quick to comment on the uplifting post, with many impressed that the star was able to fit into her six-year-old son's pyjamas. "Wow, you can fit into Calvin's pyjamas!" one wrote, while another replied: "The fact you can wear your son's pyjamas amazes me." 

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"Glad you're having fun Dylan, it's the small things in life," while another wrote: "I know you look tiny on TV but you can wear Calvin's pjs? Damn you're teeny."

Dylan Dreyer and her family's luggage is currently in Amsterdam© Instagram
Dylan was left without her luggage during her vacation

Dylan and her family lost their luggage in Amsterdam on their way to Sicily, Italy, from their home in New York City. While her sons and husband, Brian Fichera, managed to retrieve their luggage, Dylan is still currently waiting for hers.

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Dylan had taken time out of the vacation on Tuesday to call into the Today Show to talk to her Third Hour co-stars about her travel mishap. When asked about the current situation involving her luggage, the NBC star revealed that she still hasn't been able to get hold of her suitcase. You can catch the segment in the clip below!

WATCH: Dylan Dreyer shares update on luggage disaster in live segment from Italy vacation

"So we're traveling with 16 people, we've lost three pieces of luggage," she explained. "Last night, my boys got their luggage and Brian got his. I still don't have any luggage."

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Dylan is clearly very resourceful and trying to make the best out of the situation. "The hotel was nice enough to give us nightgowns so I took my bathrobe, tied it around my waist and made myself a dress," she said, adding: "I've been wearing the same pants since Friday. I've been washing them in the sink and hanging them outside!"

The Today Show star's three sons on vacation© Instagram
While her husband and kids have received their luggage, she's still awaiting hers

She went on to say that while she was informed that her luggage had arrived at the airport ON Tuesday, when she got there, her suitcase was nowhere to be seen. "There's 16 of us, we're laughing at it at this point," she said.  

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Dylan's luggage mishap isn't the only problem the star has had to face while away in Italy as the country is currently being hit by extreme temperatures and wildfires. Sharing her experience of the heat, Dylan said: "I can't even explain to you guys how hot it is. You know when you open a hot oven and you get a hot blast in the face, that's what it feels like outside."

Dylan Dreyer looked stylish in a white dress as she posed on the beach with husband Brian© Instagram
"I've learned on Day 5 without luggage and traveling with my family that…LITERALLY NO ONE CARES WHAT I'M WEARING!" she wrote

She continued: "We were supposed to go on a tour to a town to called Syracuse in Sicily, which got to 114 degrees yesterday and is the hottest temperature ever in Europe and we happen to be here. We're not going to do that tour today because it's too hot for the kids."

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