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Demi Moore with hands held to face© Getty

Demi Moore's two $760k engagement-style rings are a 'testament to opulence and style'

The Substance actress was spotted rocking some amazing jewels at the Cannes Film Festival

Katie Daly
Lifestyle Writer
May 27, 2024
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Demi Moore looked incredible when she stepped out for the photocall for The Substance at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week. 

The Ghost actress, 61, was spotted at Palais des Festivals looking splendid in a 50s-style skater dress in a polka dot pattern. But take your eyes away from her lovely dress and chic heels for a second and you'll notice her incredible rings which are certainly the stars of the show.

The actress held up her characterful chihuahua Pilaf, revealing a pair of enchanting engagement-style diamond rings. Never mind Indecent Proposal, these diamond sparklers would make for a perfect Hollywood proposal. 

HELLO! got the full low-down on Demi's blinding jewels from jewellery expert, Emma Fathers - senior designer at Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery

Demi Moore's two diamond rings up close© Getty

How much is Demi's index finger ring worth?

In Emma Fathers' opinion, both rings as an ensemble are "a testament to opulence and style." She reveals that the first diamond ring, worn on Demi's index finger, features a stunning oval-cut white diamond, approximately 5 carats in size, set in a classic 4-claw setting. 

"This impressive stone sat atop a double-row chunky platinum pave band, doubling the sparkle and glamour. With its magnificent centre stone and dual pave setting, this ring is valued at a jaw-dropping £250,000," she says.

Demi Moore's dog up close showing diamond rings on her hand© Getty

How much is Demi's middle finger ring worth?

Meanwhile, the silver ring worn on the G.I. Jane star's middle finger is certainly not living in the shadow of the first. "It boasts an elongated cushion-cut diamond, cradled in another chunky platinum pave band," Emma explains. 

"This ring, however, had an added secret: a hidden halo beneath the centre stone, packing in even more diamonds. This extra layer of brilliance brings the ring's estimated value to a staggering £350,000."

Emma adds that both rings feature diamonds of the highest quality and so likely score around D VVS on the GIA's colour grading scale, i.e. the most colourless.

Demi Moore with hand on face© Getty

Tailored towards a vintage aesthetic

You can be sure that Demi's dazzling rings were not added to her look by chance. "Demi’s ensemble was a masterclass in vintage chic," Emma says.

"She wore a tailored Elie Saab polka dot dress, complemented by black and white Aquazzura heels and chic oversized sunglasses. Her choice of jewellery – timeless and elegant –perfectly matched the classic glamour that Cannes is known for, a festival that has been a beacon of celebrity style for over 75 years."

Demi Moore poses with her Chihuahua held up to her face© Getty

Why white diamonds?

With the 1950s appeal of Demi's look, she could have gone for a boldly-coloured stone, so was her choice to opt for a pair of classic white diamonds deliberate? Almost certainly. "White diamonds are steeped in history, symbolising purity and wealth," the jewellery designer explains. 

"Their clear, brilliant colour and high price attract those with a taste for luxury. Always on trend, diamonds never go out of style."

Demi Moore wearing a white dress with black polkda dots© JB Lacroix

Timeless appeal

Emma also explains that the large oval centre stone of the index finger ring is particularly trendy right now and Demi's preference for chunkier bands also mirrors current jewellery trends which are seeing a rise in the popularity of bold, substantial styles.

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The expert concludes: "By choosing these rings, Demi Moore not only embraced the timeless elegance of Cannes but also showcased her keen sense of contemporary style, proving that some things – like the allure of white diamonds – are forever."

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