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Why Meghan Markle loves wearing this unexpected bold colour for important royal events

It's one of her favourite colours to wear

meghan markle blue

The Duchess of Sussex loves to embrace bright shades with her royal wardrobe, and has been pictured wearing everything from forest green hues to colour-clashing reds and pinks - but have you noticed there's a particular shade of blue she seems to be drawn to? Some of Meghan's most memorable fashion moments have seen her wearing this bold, almost-turquoise shade, which is beautifully unique. Whether it's her stunning Safiyaa gown or the stand-out Victoria Beckham dress she wore for one of her final appearances in the UK in March, this colour always makes a statement. 

meghan blue gown

Meghan's first-ever royal gown was this beautiful blue number

HELLO! spoke exclusively to colour expert Gabriella Winters about the distinctive shade, which in fact has an ancient - and perhaps even royal - history! "Coincidentally, the type of blue that Duchess Meghan has been sporting frequently is called 'Egyptian Blue' - and this shade receives its name from the first-ever artificial pigment invented 5000 years ago," she told us.

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meghan blue shirt dress

The Duchess' Veronica Beard shirt dress is another favourite

The shade was very important at that time, and was often used in painting - and years later, it was found to have the unique ability to emit luminescent infrared light, allowing experts to identify ancient artworks from the Egyptian time period. 

meghan blue victoria beckham

Wearing bold Victoria Beckham for her return to the UK

Gabrielle added: "Infrared has the ability to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and stimulate cells to produce collagen. Could this be the secret to Meghan’s flawless skin? Somehow I doubt that modern pigments would be smart enough to emit infrared light, but Egyptian Blue could have certainly been a secret beauty weapon of princesses of the ancient past."

blue dress john lewis

GET THE LOOK: Midi dress, £129, John Lewis


History aside, blue is known to be a calming colour, and could even have connections to Meghan's passion for her work. "Psychologically speaking, blue is the most popular colour in the entire world because of its non-threatening placid nature. It is the colour of peace and quiet and it signifies freedom. In the world of business, blue is the mark of formality and it symbolises one's loyalty and devotion to their work," said Gabrielle. 

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Of course, the Duchess' penchant for bold blues could simply be because she loves the shade - and it certainly suits her. "Egyptian Blue ranges from light indigo to bright turquoise and these shades tend to naturally accentuate coppery brown eyes - hence why they compliment Meghan's complexion so effortlessly," she adds. "These rich light blue tones symbolise integrity, honesty and optimism and Meghan embodies these noble qualities with authenticity and grace."

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