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Exclusive: Bill Heck reveals I Know What You Did Last Summer cast had a 'betting pool' on the killer

Who do you think the killer is?

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Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca LewisReporterLos Angeles
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I Know What You Did Last Summer star Bill Heck has just one thing to say to fans who believe they've worked out who the killer is - you haven't.

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The hit Amazon series, a retelling of the iconic book and 1997 film with Jennifer Love Hewitt, has been leaving fans horrified, terrified, and in tears, as the show tells the story of five friends who are dealing with the consequences of their actions the previous summer.

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With two episodes left in the first season episode six appeared to reveal a major twist, but with fans sure they may have now figured out what's happening between Dylan and Clara, Bill - who plays Allison and Lennon Grant's father Bruce - admitted that not everything is quite as it seems at this point.

"If you think you know who it is, you're wrong. And it's possible that we haven't met all of the characters yet," he teased in an exclusive chat with HELLO!

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A quick glance at the fandom reveals that many viewers have read into the behaviours of certain characters that may hint at a longer game plan, but Bill revealed that the actors themselves never found out who the killer was until the final script was handed out.

"There was a betting pool about who the killer is going to be, and I don't think Sara Goodwin [the creator] even told the killer they were the killer until filming," he shared.

bill heck shooting

Bill filming with Madison Iseman

"It was fun, we experienced the mystery on the same timeline as viewers. Everyone at some point was sure they were the killer and then also that they were innocent."

"In a different story framing it could be problematic, and the writers wanted to serve the genre and have fun with the murder of it all, but we're more interested in the people, the horror in men's souls, and no one is innocent," he added.

"So from the get go we were all dealing with plenty of dark elements in front of our faces."

Bill, a father himself, says he was driven to acting early on in his life because he has been striving for a "variety of experiences," joking that he works best when "I feel I may fall on my ass".

billheck© Chad Griffith

Bill also starred in Netflix's  Locke and Key

But he acknowledged that I Know What You Did Last Summer is a "daunting task" because they have to "fulfil expectations around an intellectual property but to also take it beyond what is on the surface and dig deep".

His connection on screen with Madison Iseman, who plays his identical twin daughters Lennon and Allison, is tough to watch; the three have a strained relationship and there are many, many secrets between them.

Allison and Lennon are wildly opposite - Allison quiet and introverted, unable to get over the death of their mother a decade before and feeling like her father and sister have left her behind, while Lennon coped by turning to drugs and sex, becoming the most popular girl in school.

Bill and Madison met just a week before shooting, which Bill admitted helps with their on-screen dynamic - "there was a built-in distance which fit into the story".

ikwydls mirror

The show is retlling of the 1970s novel

For some, however, Bruce is the real villain of the show - even if it turns out he isn't the killer - but Bill has "compassion" for him, suggesting he is "terrified of what he has done" and is "in a very strange survival mode".

"He's made some choices that could be called questionable at best," shared Bill.

"Being a father myself, I would maybe do things differently than Bruce does so I focused on the why and the ways in which he is sure he made the decisions he did because he thought it was the best way to go in the moment, the best thing for his family.

"And it is - all these decisions have been in service of protecting his daughters, though he is certainly turning a blind eye to things he is afraid to admit to himself."

I Know What You Did Last Summer airs on Amazon Video

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