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11 Happy Valley questions that need to be answered in the finale

Questions we still have for the season three finale

catherine cawood talkie
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
1 February 2023
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Happy Valley’s conclusion is nearly upon us, and it feels like there is almost too much to squeeze into the 70-minute special episode. The hit show has been massive with viewers, with the Twittersphere buzzing with thoughts and theories for the finale - with even Dan Walker having his say! Whatever the ending will know, here are questions that absolutely must be answered by the end of the final episode…

Who is going to kill Tommy Lee Royce?

There is surely no way that season three is being concluded without the monster of Catherine’s existence still walking the earth - so who will do the deed and kill off Tommy Lee Royce once and for all? There’s Catherine herself, of course, which would probably be the most satisfying conclusion, but then there is also Ryan, who might need to protect his granny - or at least save himself when he realises what his dad really is.

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There’s also Ann, who would be serving revenge cold, as Ryan would say. Then you have the Kneževićs, who might end Tommy’s life if he becomes too much of a problem. Last but not least, presuming that the UFO storyline is going somewhere, it could just as well be PC Tekeli who comes in to save the day, stranger things have happened.

tommy lee royce bike© Photo: BBC

Will Ivan actually get married?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the wedding of the Kneževićs henchman, but will it be a part of the show’s conclusion? And will the threatening hitman actually make it down the aisle? We doubt it, but we can’t wait to find out how it all ties together.

gangsters wedding© Photo: BBC

Will Faisel be caught for murdering Joanna?

As with season one’s Kevin and season two’s John, the stressed out 'innocent' men who commit one heinous crime then try to get away with it, we don’t think that Faisel will get away with Joanna’s murder scot-free. The pill packets will at least come back as being provided by him, so hopefully we’ll see him unravel and admit to her murder. Even if that means, sadly, that Rob Hepworth won’t go down when frankly he deserves it.

faisel happy valley© Photo: BBC

Why won’t Poppy take off her coat?

A lot has been made of Joanna and Rob’s youngest daughter’s refusal to remove her coat. While fans have speculated that it could be a security blanket or as protection from her dad, we would love a real answer about it by the end of episode six!

poppy coat© Photo: BBC

What is the 'revenge is a dish best served cold' line all about?

Ryan’s repetition about revenge being "a dish best served cold" definitely struck a nerve with Catherine, but what’s it all about? Could it be a metaphor for Catherine’s long-needed revenge on Tommy? Could it mean that Ryan himself is planning to avenge the horrors his mother faced - meaning that he will be the one who turn Tommy in?

ryan cawood jacket© Photo: BBC

Why doesn’t Ann want children?

A throwaway comment in episode one revealed that while Nevison - and Ann’s partner Daniel - both seemed open to the idea of welcoming children - but Ann pivoted the subject matter to discuss their new house. Looking at the rate of Ann’s drinking habits - particularly following the news that Ryan has been visiting Tommy in prison - it doesn’t appear that the pair are expecting. So will the show explain why Ann is reluctant for it to happen? Could it be to do with the last effect Tommy has had on her life?

ann gallagher 12© Photo: BBC

Will Tekeli drop his complaint?

One of the perhaps more random subplots from season three is an ongoing situation regarding one of Catherine’s officer, PC Tekeli. Early in the show, the group play a practical joke on him about becoming a UFO liaison specialist - which causes him to lodge an official complaint against Catherine days before her retirement. So will it all be cleared up? Is it a sign that it is the right time for Catherine to take her leave to the Himalayas? Or will UFOs land and Tekeli has his moment as the liaison officer? That would certainly be one way to end the show!

happy valley tekeli© Photo: BBC

How will Joyce send Catherine off on retirement?

Another subplot involves Catherine’s pal Joyce, who is frustratingly trying to organise Catherine’s retirement despite receiving very little assistance from anyone else - particularly Catherine herself. So how will her exit be marked by her pals at the police station?

happy valley sarah blood© Photo: BBC

Will Richard get his scoop?

Richard has been going after the Kneževićs for a big, revealing newspaper scoop. Despite Darius skipping their meeting, Richard is closer than most to the truth about their operations, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that his grandson is the son of a man the crime gang just sprang out of prison. So will he finally make his name with one of the big papers?

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richard happy valley 1© Photo: BBC

Will Claire and Catherine make up?

One of the most important elements of the finale has to be seeing our favourite sisters Catherine and Claire make amends with one another, particularly after Catherine’s hurt, scathing put down of Claire in episode five ("You have this idiotic dependant personality… what is he? He’s nothing, he's nowt, he’s an empty vessel, a cipher but then, so are you.") The series surely can’t close on them at odds with one another, so we want to see them make up - and sharpish.

catherine claire tea© Photo: BBC

Will Catherine get to the Himalayas - and will Ryan go with her?

Our dream ending is to see Catherine drive to the Himalayas with her grandson in tow, their relationship based on mutual love and respect back to normal once more. So will Catherine get her new Land Rover to where she wants to be and enjoy her retirement? We have to believe it will be so!

catheinr epolice van© Photo: BBC

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