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The Crown's lucky child actors who shot to fame on the Netflix drama

The stars who have played Princes William and Harry, the young Queen and more…

Cast of The Crown season one in character laughing on a sofa
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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As The Crown season six part two lands on Netflix, the end of an era approaches. The award-winning drama's final outing comes in the form of five episodes following the first batch that landed last month.

Returning for the second half are Dominic West as Prince Charles, Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II and Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip. The plot will pick up almost immediately from where part one finished – with the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (Elizabeth Debicki) and her then-partner, Dodi Al Fayed (Khalid Abdalla) – before jumping ahead to the early 2000s.

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The Crown's sixth and final season also gives us the chance to meet the fresh-faced actors who will be playing the adolescent versions of Princes William and Harry and William's future wife, Kate Middleton.

But the drama series has featured many child actors who have brilliantly portrayed major royals roles throughout its six-season run. To mark the show coming to an end, we look back at those young and ambitious stars who have appeared in The Crown

Prince William

Senan West as young Prince Charles in The Crown© Netflix

Senan West

When the character of a young Prince William first came to The Crown in season five when depicting the early to mid-1990s, the role was in fact given to Dominic West's son, Senan

Although the father-son duo no doubt had a blast filming together on set, it was then reported that Dominic's son wouldn't be back to reprise his role again.

"I loved watching him do it," The Wire actor told Radio Times, adding: "So that was wonderful but when it gets very emotional, it can get a bit weird. When he had to cry, it was horrible." 

Dominic then added that Senan decided not to return due to feeling the more emotional scenes in season six would be tricky.

Rufus Kampa in The Crown season six, part one© Keith Bernstein/Netflix

Rufus Kampa

Instead of Senan, Rufus Kampa was then cast to play the young Prince William for season six part one. 

The actor did a tremendous job portraying the Prince of Wales as a 15 year old, coping with his teenage years and being rocked by his mother's tragic death. The Crown was Rufus' first major role.

Prince William character© Netflix

Ed McVey

In part two of season six, we meet Prince William in his University years, where he met and fell in love with a young Kate Middleton.

Although not a child actor, we can't wait to watch Ed McVey give his spin on the role. Before The Crown, the 24-year-old had appeared in stage productions at The Old Vic and Hammersmith Riverside Studios.

Prince Harry

Fflyn Edwards as young Prince Harry with Elizabeth Debicki, Dominic West and Senan West© Photo Credit: Keith Bernstein,Netflix

Will Powell

Prince Harry has also been portrayed a number of times in the drama. Firstly, by Will Powell who made his screen debut in two episodes of season five. 

This picture shows him alongside Senan West who played his other brother, and his on-screen parents Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Fflyn Edwards in The Crown season six part one© Daniel Escale/Netflix

Fflyn Edwards

By the time season six part one came around, they needed a slightly older actor to play young Harry. Producers then cast Fflyn Edwards in the role.

Luther Ford as Prince Harry, Ed McVey as Prince William in The Crown season six part two© Justin Downing/Netflix

Luther Ford

Playing the teenage Prince Harry is Luther Ford who is also making a major role debut on The Crown. Luther has been working in the industry prior to his acting gig, however. His IMDb profile states he previously directed a few short films.

Here, the actor is seen in character laughing with his on-screen brother, William, played by Ed McVey. We can't wait to see their brotherly dynamic on screen.

Kate Middleton 

Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton in The Crown© Netflix

Meg Bellamy

Meg Bellamy is by no means a child actor, but it's the first time royal fans are seeing a young Kate being portrayed in a major screen role so we had to include her!

Season six part two will welcome Meg as the conscientious student who steals William's heart while studying at St Andrew's University.

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Prince Charles

The Crown, Billy Jenkins as young Charles© Alex Bailey / Netflix

Billy Jenkins

Prince Charles has been a focal character throughout the show's run. In season one, he was mostly portrayed as the firstborn child to a newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy) and Prince Philip (played by Matt Smith). By the time it got to season two, the young Prince was portrayed by Billy Jenkins.

Billy's role as Charles was one of his first major parts on screen, but he has since gone on to star in Dodger, Peaky Blinders and Holmes & Watson. In season three, Josh O'Connor took over the role, before making way for Dominic West.

Princess Anne

Billy Jenkins as young Charles, Grace and Amelia Gilmour played Princess Anne© Netflix

Grace and Amelia Gilmour

Princess Anne was portrayed in season two by twin actors Grace and Amelia Gilmour. How sweet is this photo from on set? 

It depicts proud siblings Charles and Anne with the Queen Mother (played by Victoria Hamilton) watching their baby brother, Prince Edward, be baptised. 

Later, Princess Anne was portrayed by Erin Doherty and Claudia Harrison.

The Crown season five recap

Imelda Staunton as The Queen in The Crown© The Crown
Imelda Staunton as The Queen in The Crown
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana marriage breakdown

Season five began with Princess Diana devastated that their second honeymoon was halted abruptly by Princes Charles. 

  • "Queen Victoria Syndrome"

Prince Charles met with the Prime Minister after a published poll about the public's opinion of the monarchy. The idea of The Prince's Trust was born. 

  • Princess Diana In Her Own Words

Princess Diana was approached by journalist Andrew Morton to write the book, In Her Own Words. 

  • Annus Horribilis

The Queen's 'Annus Horribilis' was in 1992 following a fire at Windsor Castle, and the breakdown of two of her son's marriages. 

  • An intercepted phone call makes the news

A phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles was intercepted by journalists and published in a newspaper. 

  • Panorama Interview

The infamous and now suspect Panorama interview with Princess Diana by Martin Bashir aired much to the royal family's dismay. 

Prince Philip

Finn Elliot as a young Prince Philip in The Crown© Netflix

Finn Elliot

A young Prince Philip was a frequent character in The Crown. In season two, adult Prince Philip was played by Doctor Who star Matt Smith, but there were flashback scenes from his traumatic childhood. 

This is where Finn Elliot stepped in. Finn also appeared in season three.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Crown season one, Jared Harris as King George with young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret© Alex Bailey/Netflix

Verity Russell

Of course, The Crown wouldn't be the show it is without the central character, Queen Elizabeth II. But avid fans of the show will know that the drama began its story way back in the 1940s during her father, King George VI (played by Jared Harris)'s reign.

In a number of episodes from season one, a young Princess Elizabeth was portrayed by Verity Russell. The young actress also appeared in a flashback scene in series three.

Meanwhile, a young Princess Margaret was played by Beau Gadsdon.

But it wasn't long before Claire Foy stepped in the portray the new monarch, with Vanessa Kirby taking on the role as her younger sister.

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