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Kim Kardashian's hairstylist thinks Meghan Markle will have a hair transformation very soon

Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons has taken a step back from his famous clients to embark on an adventure to call his own - a collaboration with Primark on a haircare line.

andrew primark
Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
February 27, 2020
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With over 15 years experience as a hairstylist, it’s no surprise Andrew Fitzsimons is in demand. The man behind the world’s most glamorous tresses - we're talking the Kardashians here - has joined forces with Primark to bottle up his magic touch so us mere mortals can get A-list hair without breaking the bank. We spoke to Andrew about his new haircare line, his celeb clients, his trend predictions for summer and how he thinks Meghan Markle is going to change up her look any day now. 

"I think that Meghan's moving into a new space in her life and I'm sure that her style is going to change because of that," he told us. "I think that she has obviously had to, over the past couple of years, dress more conservatively, have more conservative hairstyles, I think she has always looked flawless for every variation of her style but I think that we're going to see her looking more relaxed, we're going to start seeing her really changing up her style."

andrew pic

Andrew Fitzsimon giving a quick spritz of the Primark x AF Dry Shampoo

Revealing why she might do something drastic with her look, he said: "I think that she'll probably be attending more events and she's probably going to be doing it in her own version of her style with what she wants it to be." 

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How would the man who Kim Kardashian has on speed dial like to see the Duchess wear her hair? "I would love to see Meghan with curly hair, I think a lot of people would, so hopefully we will see her change up her style but I love her style to date, it's very classic and very beautiful but I think now we're going to start seeing her change up her style and start exploring different vibes we haven't seen from her before. I'd love to see her with curly hair because I think it would look absolutely stunning on her." 

meghan markle hair

The Duchess of Sussex during a 2018 Royal Tour

Could he ever predict Meghan going for the chop? "I don't know, honestly. I think anything could happen now because she's moving into a more personal version of her identity, it's less about people's expectations of her now it's more about what she wants to do. So I wouldn't be surprised, I think it's going to be exciting to see how she and Harry both evolve now."

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It's an exciting time for Dublin-born Andrew - his new haircare line for Primark is creating a buzz on social media - no doubt because of how Instagrammable it is. "All the products are born out of what I have in my kit and what I need to use on my clients every day," he said. "Whether that is an easy daytime look or an Oscars look, all of these products are what I need to style hair but they are also multi-purpose so women at home will be able to use them easily and transform their hair."

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We couldn't chat to Andrew without finding out more about his celeb clients. What are the Kardashians REALLY like? "The thing that I appreciate most about them [the Kardashians] is their professionalism. I only work with clients that make me feel good because I want to make my clients feel good, so the thing that I appreciate about my clients is that they are absolute professionals, this is their job but they also know how to have fun, be kind, and be free. They are an absolute dream to work with, so the thing I value the most about them, for sure, is their kindness and their professionalism."

khloe kim

Andrew's famous clients: Kim Kardashian-West and Khloe Kardashian 

Ok, but more importantly, what about Khloe, how can we get that chic 'do? "Khloe's not afraid of glamour, she loves glam, she loves hair and makeup just like me, we get on so well because of that. I think if I were to recommend some products to her, I would definitely start with the Volume line because she loves volume, she loves glam, so definitely the volume shampoo and conditioner."


Volume Thickening Shampoo, £2.50, Primark x AF

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Looking forward to summer 2020, what does Andrew predict? "I definitely think that we're going to be stepping away from the ultra-flat, ultra-modern hairstyles," he said. "I think we're really going into a space that is all about glamour… The references I am looking at right now are 90s Versace's over the top glamorous look, plus Claudia Schiffer's beautiful, glamorous wavy hair. Ultra glam, ultra bombshell vibe, I think we're going to see more and more of that."

claudia schiffer

He continued: "People have been experimenting in the past couple of years with hairstyles, we're seeing a rebellion over-styled hair all the time. No one wants to be back-combing or using a lot of visible products. I think we're going to see a lot of really glamorous hairstyles that are based on using the right products. So I think we're stepping into more of a glamorous 2020."

Andrew's Primark X AF range is available in Primark stores nationwide now.