Olivia Newton-John opens up about health amid cancer battle

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Olivia Newton-John has been very candid about her troubled battle with her health and opened up about it even further in her latest television appearance.

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The singer made an appearance on the Today Show with host Hoda Kotb and talked about her recovery from her battle with cancer.

The segment opened with an emotional bit between the two as Hoda talked about her own journey with cancer and Olivia asked about her health.

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When asked about her own situation, the singer responded with: "Right now, I'm feeling pretty good, I have my days, I have my pains. But the cannabis my husband grows for me has been such a huge part of my healing. So I'm very lucky."

Olivia went through a bout of breast cancer after being diagnosed in 1992, going through a round of chemotherapy and radiation.

The situation worsened when she was affected by a recurrence of the illness in 2013, and once again in 2017 that spread across her body.

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Since then, however, Olivia has been on the road to recovery, and a lot of it has been thanks to the support of her family, particularly husband John Easterling and his aid with cannabis and tinctures.


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Olivia will make an appearance on Today with Hoda Kotb

The Twist of Fate singer has been a frequent advocate for the use of medical cannabis as a way to relieve pain and help those with chronic illnesses.

Olivia also spoke to Hoda about the milestone 40th anniversary of her biggest and most enduring hit, Physical, the 1981 smash that hit number one around the globe.

She addressed the song's steamy nature while also recognizing how tame it had become over the years, joking: "Today the lyrics are like a lullaby, don't you reckon?"

Hoda then broke out into a fit of laughter and replied with: "Oh honey, I've got some lyrics for you that are in the top 40 right now."

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The Australian singer also talked about how she recorded it without realizing what its message was, and upon calling her manager to pull the track back, she got: "Well it's too late, love, it's taken off everywhere!"

The singer most recently was a virtual guest on Dancing with the Stars

"Very often the things you're most afraid of are the things you really need to go for," she continued as she gushed about how the record became such a smash.

Olivia also made a virtual appearance on the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars for Grease Night to provide intimate details on the inspirations behind the songs as the contestants performed them.

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