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Busy Philipps' sexy bikini pic causes concern for mom after fans noticing swelling

Busy had no idea her sexy bikini pic would cause this reaction

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Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon
Head of Digital
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Dawson's Creek alum Busy Philipps posted a sensational bikini photo on Tuesday showing herself looking incredible in a brown string bikini, while lounging in a pool.

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Owning the moment, the hilarious mom-of-two captioned the snap: "Verified this is 100 percent the hottest self timer pic I’ve ever takenb- there’s no lame comment where I try to buy back what this is: a **** thirst trap. I love you."

busy philips bikini shot

Busy's "thirst trap" bikini selfie

But while most of the comments were appreciative of how hot Busy looked in the photograph, one or two mentioned what appeared to be a swelling under her right armpit, and it wasn't just followers who got concerned. Sharing the communication between her mom and herself, Busy revealed a string of text messages where her mother was urging the actress to get seen by a doctor since she too was concerned about her daughter's swollen armpit.

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Explaining that the lump was just an illusion, Busy shared the exchange with the caption: "This is what I get for posting that thirst trap. This text from my mom."

The text reads:

  • Mom: Biz - someone commented on your insta pic about your right underarm looking swollen and it does. Please take a look at get to the Dr. If it is.
  • Busy: Mom
  • Mom: Busy it does
  • Busy: Stop. It's fat. Seriously stop it.
  • Mom: It's not fat!!!!
  • Busy: Mother stop it
  • Mom: Ok. You are not fat.
  • Busy: MOM. STOP

While we're glad to hear that Busy's armpit is not actually swollen, it wouldn't be the first time fans have helped a celeb get a medical check up after noticing something looked wrong. Earlier this year British Strictly Come Dancing star Shirley Ballas, who Julianne and Derek Hough both lived with for years in London while studying dance, shared a similar photograph and eagle-eyed fans noticed a lump in her armpit too. 

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The dancer thanked fans and took action to be safe. She explained: "Last week and the week before I got some alarming messages from people who said when I picked my arm up they could see lumps or bumps and nodes or whatever.

"I've just done some self-check on myself, and I couldn't feel anything except a tiny little node on the back. I'm going to go to the doctors on Tuesday, and too all the women out there please keep checking yourself and to those people who were concerned enough to send me messages they saw lumps and bumps I'm very grateful."

Thankfully for Shirley, after a doctor's checkup she was given the all clear for her 'lump', but the visit wasn't in vain. While there, the doctor discovered her hormone levels were "alarming" leading to a full investigation.

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