The waterproof primer that guarantees you long-lasting makeup this summer!

How to make your makeup stay on all day and all night in association with WUNDER2 cosmetics


It’s summer holiday time, and the only thing better than spending a day in the sun lounging by the pool, is having the perfect holiday snaps to upload and show your friends afterwards!

In the past, steamy summer days spent splashing in the pool were a makeup disaster waiting to happen. But now – thanks to the team at high-tech beauty brand WUNDER2 and their PRIME & BEHOLD professional primer for color cosmetics - you’re guaranteed to look just as good at the end of a day as you do when you first step out of your sea-side villa!


Famed for their award-winning WUNDERBROW beauty essential, (Amazon’s no.1 best-selling beauty product), the new PRIME & BEHOLD will keep you looking fabulous from day to night and at all points in between. Absorbing the sun’s rays, this amazing highlighter and primer uses ground-breaking beauty technology to create a luminous base – leaving you quite literally, glowing.


Not only does this primer dry into a subtle, holographic finish but it also serves as the perfect base to hold firm any colour or sparkle applied on top of it, instantly turning it waterproof smudge-proof and transfer-proof. As well as working with any eye shadow or subtle glitter, WUNDER2 has also specially created their new ultra-fine loose coloured powders called PURE PIGMENTS. When applied on top of PRIME & BEHOLD, PURE PIGMENTS lock with the smooth, creamy formula for the ultimate in stunning and subtle summer makeup looks!


Following one single application, PRIME & BEHOLD lasts for up to 24-hours. This game-changing product set to revolutionise the beauty industry, is perfectly suited to both the beauty novice and the makeup aficionado. Gone are the days of having to worry about smudging or reapplying whilst enjoying the summer heat of your holidays!

To achieve your long-lasting summer look, head to www.wunder2.co.uk (or www.wunder2.com if you are in the U.S) and get your hands on PRIME & BEHOLD and PURE PIGMENTS.