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A substantial of new and resurfacing beauty trends have dominated in 2023, from cherry cola lips to faux freckles, ‘latte’ make up to tooth gems. 

And research shows that a select few are proving particularly popular for this holiday season.

A trend expert delves into five easy trend-led ideas for the ultimate festive holiday glam.

Brick red lips - 1.4 Billion TikTok views

The red lip is a timeless classic all year round, but a 36% increase in Google searches proves that it’s the go-to for adding a pop of Christmas colour to a festive ensemble. And the ‘brick red’ is another take on the deeper-toned red, much like this year's beloved cherry cola look.

“A ‘brick red’ shade is the perfect low-maintenance everyday tone of red that has racked up 1.4 billion views on TikTok,” explains trend expert and founder of WeThrift Nick Drewe. “ A perfect mixture of red and brown, this trending lipstick colour is a fun take on a classic look that encapsulates the Christmas season perfectly.” 

A bold blush - 329.3k TikTok views

Goodbye OTT highlighter,  hello heavy blush.  Beauty queens including Nicola Peltz and Hailey Bieber have championed the bold cheek in 2023 (notably Hailey’s recent Sugar Plum Fairy makeup look). 

“To perfect this aesthetic, opt for a blush with cooler undertones, and focus on placing it above the cheekbones and on the tip of your nose. This will achieve that rosy cheek look, as the cold temperatures linger this Christmas." 


when I was 16 I was the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.. this is my 2023 version of that makeup. My go to vibe for the holiday season! 🍬✨

♬ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky) - Ian Post

Metallic eyes - 2.2 million TikTok views

Metallics have dominated over the last year or so, from court heels to trousers, handbags to manicures, and now it's becoming a festive beauty favourite too.

“The resurgence of metallics has influenced trends across fashion, beauty, and jewellery. One way to incorporate this much-loved colour and get ahead of the curve is through a metallic eye. With Google searches for the trend up by 122% in the last week, the hype behind this look continues to live on.”

Whether it’s a liquid or cream eyeshadow or the addition of gems, TikTok’s beauty set is proving you can experiment with it how you like, but a tacky base is a must to make the most of those iridescent pigments.

Refined 2016 Glam - 216% increase in Google searches

This is a trend we can wholeheartedly say is a completely unexpected one. 

We know how back on board the world is with Y2K fashion and beauty (hello low-rise jeans and tooth gems), but accepting a perhaps ‘cheugy’ makeup style is not one that we expected to make a return so significant.

“People are bidding farewell to the soft glam look and going back to their roots, with a more glam approach to their makeup routine. Kim Kardashian is notorious for this aesthetic, often seen sporting a refined 2016 look that focuses on chiselled contour, perfect brows, and a nude lip.”

This look is perhaps an emulation of the latte makeup trend - focussing on warm hues for a polished and bronzey look - do we need any more than this in the cold winter months? 


I followed @Krystalkmakeup viral makeup audio and I haven’t been this glam in a while! I love it 🥰 #makeuptutorial #glammakeup #2016makeup #makeup

♬ original sound - Krystalkmakeup

Messy girl makeup - 72.4% increase on Pinterest

In yet another example of the minimalistic makeup aesthetic taking a step back for the holiday season, messy-girl makeup has taken its place.

“Clustered mascara, smudged lipstick, fluffy imperfect brows, and unequal wings are all ways you can introduce this aesthetic into your beauty routine. Influencers like Emma Chamberlain have already begun to showcase this new trend, and we can expect to see its influence trickle down into Christmas lookbooks for all the festive celebrations.”