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As we near the end of 2023 it has become extravagantly apparent that this year has been the ‘year of the girl’, and I for one am not mad.

From the TikTok world coining popular trends such as ‘girl dinner’ and ‘girl math’ to the fashion world's influx of baby pink hues, bow-adorned baby doll dresses and ballet flat footwear, girlhood has been widely embraced around the world, and I don’t think it’s stopping any time soon. 

If you’re like me and are not quite ready to pass over the diamanté-encrusted baton, then fear not as some of the world's most fashionable have made it very clear that they’re in the same boat. 

To prove my point, here are 10 certified ‘Year of the Girl’ fits that deserve to make it into 2024. 

Hailey Bieber 

Just yesterday Rhode founder and queen of the coquette core fandom Hailey Bieber stepped out in possibly her most girlcore look to date. Pairing an itty-bitty sequin mini-skirt with a baby pink crop top over an exposed white lace bra and an overly fluffy coat, the model and muse looked quintessentially cute for a day in the snow.

Not even the cold can stop Hailey from slaying© Hailey Bieber
Not even the cold can stop Hailey from slaying

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Kylie Jenner 

Usually one to go for a skin-tight all-black ensemble every chance she gets, even Kylie couldn't help but lean into this year's most notable trend. Back in September the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister wore a vintage Prada mini dress in pastel peach, adorned with hundreds of tiny flowers. I have a sneaky suspicion that flowers might become the new bow in 2024…

Coquette-core looks good on you Ky!© Kylie Jenner
Coquette-core looks good on you Ky!

Alexa Chung 

A known lover of a good ballet flat and jean combo, Miss Alexa Chung is the OG when it comes to girly ensembles. Posting on Instagram earlier this week, the mogul shared a series of images that defined her 2023. Every picture in her dump was of course ‘it’ girl-coded, however, one in particular warranted a save. Posing in a white sheer Róisín Pierce gown and headpiece, Alexa’s look just went to number one on nuptial mood boards of those most stylish.

I hope she wears this to her wedding© Alexa Chung
I hope she wears this to her wedding

Iris Law

Iris Law’s aesthetic is the perfect middle ground between weird-girl and coquette core and for that exact reason, she is my personal style muse. I love everything she wears, but my most recent favourite is this ruched satin puff mini dress that she paired with a devil-horned beanie and long patterned gloves. It’s giving “seven-year-old whose mum lets them dress themselves” and that's exactly what I think fashion should look like.

I will never not be obsessed with her style© Iris Law
I will never not be obsessed with her style

Alyssa Coscarelli

Miu Miu reigned over the fashion world this year and it's no coincidence that they chose this year to succeed. Supplying some of the best girl-coded garments the fashion sphere has ever seen, those in a position to drop their cash on the designer label went all out. A favourite from the Miu Miu girl gang has to be influencer Alyssa Coscarelli in her matching nude crop and skirt combo paired with possibly the most divine crop hooded fluffy jacket I have ever seen.

Even her smile is coded© Alyssa Coscarelli
Even her smile is coded


Instagram mogul @Wuzg00d proved that leaning into your femme side needn’t be at the expense of personal style. The influencer opted for a seriously cute matching frill long-sleeve and mini skirt combo but grunged things up with a pair of platform tiger print sandals. 

The pearls really complete the look© Wuzg00d
The pearls really complete the look

Olivia Rodrigo

When Olivia Rodrigo exploded onto the music scene, we had a sneaky suspicion that the pop star would influence a wave of young women to dress to impress. Since the beginning Olivia has been known to walk the line between goth and cute, creating her own soft-goth aesthetic which involved lots of knee-high socks paired with Mary Janes, pleated mini skirts, french braids and printed baby tees.

Liv's a ballet-flat stan just like us © Olivia Rodrigo
Liv's a ballet-flat stan just like us

Paris Hilton

In possibly the biggest style switch-up in history, Paris Hilton traded in her Juicy Couture sweatsuit uniform for a classically quaint and classy new look. Ever since the birth of her son, Paris has leaned even further into her love for delicate lace and perfectly tied bows and I for one am here for it.

I cant lie, I do miss the velour a little © Paris Hilton
I cant lie, I do miss the velour a little

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Mira Al-Momani

If there’s one style influencer in the world who can do no wrong in my eyes it's Mira Al-Momani. Known in the social media style sphere as the girl who can pull off everything, Mira styles and highlights a range of young, underground designers in a unique and effortless way. One of my favourite recent from her abundance of dumps is this cotton dress from Naya Rea. Once upon a time, the globe would have deemed this look as ‘old and grandma-ish’ but now, it’s bang on trend. 

You don't understand how much I want this dress© Mira Al-Momani
You don't understand how much I want this dress

Margot Robbie

As we all know, Margot Robbie inspired a whole new generation of pink lovers this year while promoting the Barbie film. Both on and off the screen the actress donned a number of iconic looks, shining a new light on how the world views traditionally ‘girly’ clothes. Late last month the actress opted to dress in all pink, on her own accord, proving that even Barbie can’t fight the girl code allure.

Margot really is a real-life Barbie© Raymond Hall
Margot really is a real-life Barbie