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8 best books for home organisation hacks: Stacey Solomon, Mrs Hinch, Marie Kondo and more

Arm yourself with clever cleaning hacks and tidying tips

Rachel Avery

Whether your new year’s resolution is to finally tidy up your house, or lockdown life has simply got you seeking a new project, now is the time to transform your home. From tackling that random bits and pieces drawer (yes, that one) to the overwhelming task of colour-coding your wardrobe, home organisation can seem like an impossible mountain to climb but with the help of some experts - cue Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch - you will be tidying like a pro in no time at all. Discover the newest and best books for home organisation hacks…

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Tap to Tidy by Stacey Solomon


Tap to Tidy by Stacey Solomon, £12.99, Amazon


Queen of crafting and organisational hacks, Stacey Solomon has delighted fans with her very first book! The Loose Women star often shares her amazing tap to tidy transformations on Instagram Stories and now she’s written a book so you can magic up an organised home too. The mum-of-three calls tidying and crafting her meditation - and we are itching to give it a go for ourselves.

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo


Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying by Marie Kondo, £12.99, Amazon


If tidying was an Olympic sport, Marie Kondo would no doubt bag the gold medal. Her famous Konmari method involves completely decluttering your home and meticulously organising it to live a happier life. You’ll learn the value of your possessions by finding which ones ‘spark joy’ and you’ll be a folding pro by the end - trust us!

Top review: "This book has turned my life around! Be prepared to sort out your stuff!! I gave over half my house to charity and felt so good about it. Marie Kondo is sensational and this book will help you let go of the things in your life that you don't need (although I was a little surprised to read that one of her clients decluttered so much, she realised she didn't love her husband and got rid of him!!!!)"

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Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists


Mrs Hinch: The Little Book of Lists, £12.99, Amazon


This book has rave reviews, and we can see why. There is nothing else on the market quite like it and cleaning guru Mrs Hinch uses her own experiences to delegate tasks and projects into handy lists. If you’re looking to step up your cleaning routine, here is the place to start.

Top review: "This is exactly what I knew it would be and perfect now for all my hinching lists. Great idea from Mrs Hinch who knew exactly what we wanted for our daily and weekly lists, I love how they are all in one place. I know exactly where they all are and what I need to do each week. You couldn’t be this organised in a plain ol’ notebook."

The Home Edit Life


The Home Edit Life by Clea Shearer, £25, Amazon


If you’re a fan of the Netflix show, then you’re going to need this on your bookshelf. If the rainbow cover isn’t pleasing enough, inside you’ll discover a world of organisational advice. Experts Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin go through everything from wardrobe overhauls to packing a suitcase like a pro - just be warned, you’ll be colour-coding your phone apps in no time!

Top review: "A great book to go with the TV series to help you organise!!!"

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How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind


How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana. K White, £10.99, Amazon


Dana White wasn’t born an organised cleaning guru, but she made her way there nonetheless. She started an anonymous blog about living in a messy home as she tackled the problem head on. If you’re looking for a relatable approach to tidying - with a couple of laughs along the way - this one is for you.

Top review: "Wow, I am not a neat person. Neither is the lady who wrote this and that is why I love it! The way she thinks makes total sense to me. It's working too, my house is tidier. I'm more on top of things and it's easy. I've read other books but this is the perfect one if you are messy at heart! Buy it!"

What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You


What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You by Kerri Richardson, £10.99, Amazon


Psychology meets home organisation. This book will help you clear your mind as well as your living room. Author Kerri Richardson delves into the habits of clutter and helps you unpack them one messy drawer at a time.

Top review: "One of the easiest books to read with a very important message. Wish I had known all this years ago!"

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The Organised Mum Method


The Organised Mum Method by Gemma Bray, £12.99, Amazon


One for the mothers (or fathers) out there who are trying to run a busy household. This bible will guide you through a cleaning routine that takes just 30 minutes a day and even allows you to have the weekends off! And it is brimming with shopping lists, meal plans and life-changing hacks, too.

Top review: "I am a full-time working mum of three and have always battled my way to try and keep a clean house. Age 36, I found TOMM and it has changed my life. I no longer spend weekends with 15 wash loads, house to clean and having guilt of not spending time with the kids. Gemma, love the book, well done."

The Easy Life: Quick ways to clean and manage your home all year round


The Easy Life by Lynsey Crombie, £14.99, Amazon


This Morning favourite Lynsey Crombie has created a book that’s easy to dip in and out of for transformative home hacks. She’s a big fan of eco-friendly cleaning and her season-by-season guide will really help you get on top of your home’s regime.

Top review: "Another great book from Lynsey, packed with amazing cleaning tips and various to-do lists and checklists. Very colourful and very enjoyable to read. Highly recommend this book from the nation’s Queen of Clean."

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