Holly Willoughby's son's bedroom is every child's dream

The This Morning star has shared a select few photos inside

Bridie Wilkins

Holly Willoughby has unveiled a handful of areas inside of her family home in London in the past, but one of the lesser seen spaces is her son Chester's bedroom.

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Nonetheless, This Morning star Holly shared a new photo from the room earlier this week. She took to Instagram with the snap alongside Chester in honour of Children's Mental Health Week, as they read a book in bed together. Behind them, a huge grey bunny rabbit teddy is seen, and apparently Chester has plenty more.

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Holly Willoughby's son's bedroom

In an older image, Holly showed off Chester's entire collection which she called his "nearest and dearest". There was a total of 11 stuffed toys lined up in a row, including grey, white, cream, blue and brown ones. The photo also showed that the bedroom is painted green.


Holly Willoughby's son's stuffed toy collection

As well as Chester's teddies, the book that Holly held in her more recent post is of equal importance, as it was written by a close friend of hers.

"Today is a very important day for one of my oldest friends @h.j.peckham," she captioned the image. "We met on our first day of school and eventually moved into our first flat in London together, we've been through a lot! Probably something that bonded us hugely was the fact that we are both dyslexic.

"That's why this post is even more special and actually writing this, I feel very emotional. If I could go back and tell my school friend that on the 2nd of February 2021, to mark the beginning of #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek, she would publish her 1st book, I'm not sure she would believe it possible. You did it Hannah… So proud of you. It's a beautiful and important book. One that helps open the conversation with your little ones about how to talk about their emotions, we all need that right?"

The novel is called

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