Serena Williams' new home is a world of fun - and sister Venus designed it

Serena and husband Alexis Ohanian live with their daughter, Olympia

Bridie Wilkins

Serena Williams has been busy renovating an incredible new property in Florida, along with the help of her sister Venus and her interior design company, V Starr, and apparently it has its very own karaoke room.

According to Architectural Digest, the space is "disguised as a bookshelf" and comes complete with a stage. Other decoration includes a bold neon sign reading Serenade.

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Karaoke is reportedly one of Serena's favourite pastimes, so it makes sense that she has invested in her very own room at home.

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Speaking to Architectural Digest, Venus added: "We all like to have a really good time. Our friends all have this very same attitude of loving great design, but not taking themselves too seriously."

serena williams karaoke room z

Serena Williams' karaoke room

That said, there are of course some house rules to abide by. Serena and Venus listed the songs prohibited from the room: Bohemian Rhapsody, Love Shack, I Will Survive and Don't Stop Believin'.

The karaoke room isn't the only place Serena has to let her hair down, either. Elsewhere, her property has its own infinity pool, a gym with a private sauna, and even a wine cellar "the size of a small NYC apartment".

serena williams swimming pool home z

Serena Williams' infinity pool

One thing that might surprise you, though, is that Serena waived a tennis court, explaining that she "wanted to separate home from work".

"When you have our job, you never get time to relax," she added. "So it's good for me to be able to sit still and not do anything."

Serena shares the house in Miami with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, and their three-year-old daughter, Olympia.

She spent a total of three years transforming the house into her dream family home, but the original plans weren't with Alexis in mind, since works began shortly after they met.

"We had just met," Serena said. "And I wasn't just going to be like, 'Hey, let's do this together'. That would have been really weird for him."

Now, however, Serena, Alexis and Olympia come as a three, and their home is ideal for them all. 

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