Your weekly horoscope revealed for 27 April to 3 May

Check out your horoscope during this period of self-isolation

Debbie Frank

While we continue life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you during this period of self-isolation, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


This week has you on a knife-edge as Uranus, planet of surprise introduces new angles that upturn what you previously thought of as your reality. This is exciting, as we all need some fresh input and to up-level our capacity to deal with the new. As an entrepreneurial ram you will be first to go-get…


If life wasn't changeable enough, you have the electrifying energy of Uranus meeting with the Sun and Mercury in your sign. This is like plugging into the mains so you'll be feeling high voltage! Taking a fresh look at what really matters to you is a creative way to handle lockdown so that you emerge with a new lease of life.


What's coming up is so surprising it may initially find you lost for words! This is very unusual for you, yet even a master of communication needs time to process what's going on and to recognise that things are changing so rapidly there is really no going back. Of course, you rather like that idea.


You've found other people to be very out of sorts in the current climate but there are yet more weird goings-on afoot. Perhaps this time allows the mask to be dropped and you are simply seeing something more real. Perhaps it's what you suspected all along…


Clarifying where you stand regarding your old aims and ambitions will take you to a make or break place. If one path has run out of road then you are absolutely free to take a new direction. Which could prove to be one of the most liberating things you've ever done.


As you are normally obsessed with details you tend to stay in the here and now, rarely looking up to take in the bigger picture. However, a period of enforced change has started to release you from your old patterns. Now you can't get enough of future tripping! There are no guarantees, but there is new opportunity.


Whatever you got yourself into, it appears an exit clause is coming up. In fact, the old paradigms are changing so much that people don't even expect you pick up the pieces anymore. This is immensely freeing and releases your energy for things that actually matter to you.


The liberating energy of Uranus in Taurus is becoming apparent as you can cut old chords in the blink of an eye. You wonder why you hung on so long when it's perfectly obvious that you need to unburden yourself from emotional clutter. Equally, being open to what's on offer could change your life in surprising ways.


Although you may be living an unfamiliar life at the moment in terms of not having your beloved wide-open horizons, this is forcing you to deal with what's in your everyday life. Getting rid of what isn't working is a big plus. In fact, what must go is glaringly obvious and once you are free of it you at least get your psychological space back.


Since you have had to deal with an endless array of changes in the pattern of your life in the past few months you are now primed to move with the times. However, what's presented this week is a potential game-changer. Not only are you expected to listen up. You are ready to explore avenues you have never previously considered.


Many people are currently struggling between the old and the new, but you are perfectly poised to adapt. In fact, you welcome the chance to shake off what no longer fits and to venture into the unknown. Your old reality doesn't even seem real anymore so you'll tell that truth as it is.


You are never short on imagination. Yet what you're facing now is the need to get tough on some issues whilst remaining wholly open to ways in which you can move forward. This is anything but a daydream. It is a strategic plan that will close out the past and invite the future.

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