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Your horoscope for the week ahead: 8 to 14 August 2022

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
8 August 2022
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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The first half of August is hardly conducive to a rest and a good lie down. Not when you've got this lot upstairs! Whilst you're more than able to rise to the challenges you do catch yourself wondering why certain people make life so difficult. Perhaps it's time to ask them at the Full Moon on the 12th?


You are done with trying to make people understand where you're coming from when they refuse to open their minds to your point of view. Now you are choosing to make changes that reflect your needs whether they like it or not. Why prolong a status quo that simply doesn't work for you?


In two weeks' time, the action planet Mars will be your champion as it powers up your own sign. Until then travel as lightly as possible through a turbulent cosmos and keep your eyes fixed on new developments and opportunities. The Full Moon on the 12th shows you a door to your future which you will be able to walk through very soon.


You are no stranger to sniffing out the black ops department and as powerful Pluto opposes Venus in your sign you can see someone’s control technique coming a mile off. However, you're too clever to get wrapped up in their net. Disentangle yourself from that attachment and set yourself free.


Glorious Venus arrives in Leo on the 11th, closely followed by the Full Moon on Friday. This is a recipe for major movement in relationships that are important to you. You absolutely realise it takes two to tango whether it's business or personal. Plans can be forged, alliances shored up and you can take things to the next level.  


The daily business of your life is due for an update whether it’s how you work or your personal schedule. Being a fixer and a tweaker is your forte, however, you can't hold onto something that has a great fault line running through it. Friday's Full Moon can bring closure and completion accompanied by a sense of relief.


It's really a question of focusing on those things you can change rather than the circumstances beyond your control. You've long realised that certain individuals are set on having things their own way. However, life isn’t like that! In fact, a series of re-shuffles means that everyone will need to adjust to the new.


This week is about understanding how tension builds up and how to release it. As the Full Moon accents a turning point in your very personal life you no doubt recognise that you can't hold on. The release could be enormous in terms of activating a brand new era. It all starts with you.


You feel as if you're picking you way through an obstacle course or a maze, but you have an inner radar that takes you to the exit. After Friday's Full Moon you’ll see how to balance up current requirements with long-term developments. Choosing where you place your focus gives you the locus of control.  


A great deal of bluster is flying around payments and finances in general including where you have got entangled in joint operations. It's not easy but somehow you are able to map a resolution that may not meet everybody's wish list, but is essentially practical. Isn't it time others appreciated your fairness in such matters?


Usually you think things through logically, but as the Full Moon in Aquarius gathers momentum for a big crescendo on Friday you can't keep your feelings in check. This is a big time for endings and beginnings, for completion and expression. So don't hold back. After all, some people have been dying to know how you really feel.


A part of you would like to curl up in your very own emotional escape room. Somewhere you can detox from all the craziness and do some inner cleansing work. At the very least it would be a good time to withdraw from certain activities that are quite honestly a bridge too far right now.

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