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Weekly horoscope: 12 to 18 September 2022

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red debbie frank weekly horoscope
Debbie Frank
September 12, 2022
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If you were given a free pass you'd be flying, yet circumstances beyond your control are hampering your efforts. Taking it easy doesn't come naturally to a go-getting Aries, but allow yourself a momentary pause. Call it a strategic withdrawal before executing a winning shot.


Allowing yourself to review a situation will lose you nothing but in the process you will gain valuable clues as to the best way to handle sensitive issues. This is no time to be a bull in a china shop but to perfect the most graceful move possible. Besides, the cosmos is encouraging you to go soft-focus.


You may wonder why people are so non-committal, but it seems this isn't the moment to push for closure on those matters you care about. Counter-intuitively, if you give people the time and space to reconsider their position you are likely to move closer to the desired outcome.


There's a re-shuffle taking place which means everyone is on shifting sand. What you once considered to be reality is changing before your eyes. It's the moment to let things go and remain open to new formations. You'll notice that pushy types are trying to edge their way to the front, but have faith in your own place in the grand scheme of things.


You prefer to be in charge and therefore retain a measure of control. However, events are continually shape-shifting and you find yourself having to respond rather than lead. Stangely this might turn out in your favour if you are savvy enough to pick up the mood of the moment.


You pride yourself on being the most observant person in the room, yet everyone has their blind spots. Sometimes this is due to wishful thinking – something you would never admit to. However, we are all human and it’s your vulnerability that creates connection, whereas your criticism divides. Think about it….


Making decisions is not your strongest suit so the current climate of uncertainty plays into your hands and buys you time to work out your next steps. What's interesting is the degree to which neutrality and reflection are becoming more valuable day by day. Foolish leaps are simply not in your nature.


In times of need people turn to your emotional intelligence to obtain your perceptive insight into the meaning of what’s happening. This is why you’re so much in demand, even though you're battling some mysteries of your own. You learnt long ago that the magic is in understanding rather than the quick fix.


It seems the current climate is leaving a lot of people rather lost and your usual cheerleading efforts are not the way forward. Instead, allow the dust to settle and even a period of ambivalence and limbo to be as it is. Forcing the pace would only generate antagonism. Smile and keep things simple.


In recent days you've been wrong-footed by a series of disruptive happenings. Some things are stalling, whilst others can only be described as interventions. Is it possible for you to remain steady but flexible at the same time? There is an art to this which you are perfectly capable of channelling.


Were it not for your astounding capacity to connect with the vibe on the street, you might find yourself a little out of sorts. Yet you fully understand the need to give people some space and not pre-judge the outcome. However confusing things are or how oddly people behave you can just let things be and your acceptance proves relaxing for all concerned.


The overwhelm of the Pisces Full Moon is being extended by the Sun's opposition to Neptune in your sign this week. Undoubtedly you are feeling super-sensitised and plugged into the mood of the moment. Surrendering to altered states can be revitalising in the long run as long as you don’t remain forever in a parallel universe.

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