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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 23rd to 29th January 2023

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red debbie frank weekly horoscope
Debbie Frank
23 January 2023
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Slip into the feel-good-factor of Jupiter in Aries in the coming days and focus on all that generates happiness. Most rams will feel the benefit of their lucky stars streaming into their lives in ways that uplift their sense of optimism. Radiating that spark is a volitional force that manifests as many blessings.


No matter how many times you’ve had to dip into your famous resilience, this is one week when all you need to do is smile. Put it down to Jupiter’s life-enhancing energy and the arrival of radiant Venus into the people angle of your chart which will certainly help your world to go round.


A heavy feeling is lifting enabling you to see the potential that lies ahead. What’s more you’re regaining your capacity to spread the sparkle and light up people’s lives. It will have a knock-on effect, making everything that bit happier. Even if some of the struggles remain it’s all about choosing what to focus on.


If you’ve been feeling that someone has not been pulling their weight or lived up to their side of the bargain, now is the time to show them that you have other choices and fully intend to make a go of things. New opportunities are opening up if you are willing to expand your horizons.


There’s no doubt that the quality of your relationships is having a very strong impact on your life at the moment. You see more clearly than ever the effect of people either being fountains or drains and are choosing to move away from the latter. Happily, a fountain person is finding you equally uplifting.


Getting to grips with the finer details of your life has a soothing influence and opens the door for positive energy to manifest. Not that you’re going to throw caution to the wind, but you can afford to remain quietly optimistic and with Venus, the love planet entering Pisces it’s clear that a relationship is entering calmer waters.


So far this New Year has been an period of adjustment but you’re now more confident about making your mark. Someone in particular is establishing themselves as a beneficial influence on your prospects and overall capacity to enjoy life. With this in mind, don’t hold back about your appreciation for them.


Sometimes it takes just one thing to light up a dark corner of your life and produce a sense of flow. So be aware that a matter can be rectified very easily and lift your spirits enormously. Late January can produce the kind of celestial sunshine that brings everything you love up to the surface.


Your ruling planet Jupiter is known to be ‘the great benefic’ and therefore you should be making the most of what he has to offer in the coming days. Not only is someone ready to listen to your ideas but they are able to join you in getting them off the ground and have fun in the process.


It’s likely that recent matters have involved a lot of time and effort but you should start to see shoots of growth very soon. As an earth sign you plant seeds very carefully not expecting rewards to materialise overnight. However, you’re being given you an affirmation that something ‘has taken’ and all is well.


A hands-on approach has been necessary in order to manage the start of a new cycle in your life. This is on-going, but you’re generating a great response that convinces you that you are indeed on-track, on-point and ready to transform anything that doesn’t suit you anymore. Basically you have the power to come back better and stronger.


More than most people you recognise that much that goes on in life occurs at an unconscious level. This is why you are able to read the invisible signals as well as what is obvious to the naked eye. You’ve been busy processing a lot recently but on Friday the love goddess Venus moves into Pisces and her charms are yours.

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