Watch this eight-year-old boy with cerebral palsy skateboard in touching video

It's safe to say parents get a lot of joy from seeing their kids have fun during a day out, but when this American father took his son with cerebral palsy to the skate park, it was quite a touching moment for everyone involved.


Atticus Edmonds, who lives in Sacramento, hit the skate park with his dad but they weren't like the other people on the ramps. Atticus suffers from cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination, which he uses a wheelchair for.


Atticus and his dad enjoyed their day at the skate park

His condition and wheelchair use does not confine the little boy to the home, in fact, he feels a release when he goes skateboarding.

His dad pushes him through the park, over ramps and picks up speed. "That was great!," Atticus says in the YouTube video that his mum Tresa Edmunds posted. "That was fantastic!," he excitedly adds.

Watch Atticus hit the ramps

The moving video, which has been watched over 47,000 times, states: "Atti has cerebral palsy and doesn't talk much. This was his first day at the skate park and it broke him wide open."

For Atticus, skating relieves his cerebral palsy. "It's actually a form of therapy," his mum Tresa told ABC10. "The nerves don't communicate to his muscles the same way other people do, so when he gets this huge rush of motion, it keeps stuff in for him. He feels that rush. Atticus was born at 28 weeks, weighing only two pounds, three ounces," she added.

It seems going to the skate park has a positive effect on the little boy, which both his parents encourage. "Visiting the skate park helps Atticus feel like other kids. It gives him an opportunity to do things that other kids do instead of having him sit on the sidelines and watching," his dad, Jared Edmunds said.