Pass the tissues! Couple film the moment they reveal surprise adoption to family

After years of heartache, struggling with infertility, late miscarriage and a failed adoption, Lacey and Banks Farris were able to successfully adopt a beautiful baby girl at birth last month. The couple decided to document the moment they introduced their newborn daughter, named Finley, to their extended family – and the result is one the sweetest videos to go viral.


The heart-warming clip shows the Californian couple appearing at the front doors of their family and friends with newborn Finley in their arms, and captures their relatives' surprised and often moving reactions.



Lacey and Banks Farris filmed the moment they revealed their surprise adoption to family

"We want to show her one day how excited our families were to meet her, so who made this little video of everyone's reactions when we showed up at their door holding a baby," Banks explained on Reddit. "No one had a clue that we were even in the process of adoption."

Lacey, 28, and Banks, 29, faced a difficult road to parenthood, making the video all the more poignant. Lacey had fallen pregnant in 2012 with a baby girl, but just 20 weeks into her pregnancy her waters broke, and the child, named Poppy, died at birth.


"We want to show her one day how excited our families were to meet her," Banks said of baby Finley

"It was the hardest thing we've had to go through," Lacey told People. "I held Poppy, and I'm grateful for that. It put a face to my grief."

The couple then went through two unsuccessful rounds of intrauterine insemination in 2015, before deciding to adopt.

They pursued an open adoption, but the biological mother and father ended up choosing to parent the baby.


Their beautiful baby girl was born on 18 April

"I was hurt, but now I understand the mother made the right decision," said Lacey. "The questions that came in from my family were hard though. I just didn't want to talk about it."

She added, "I knew that we would pursue adoption again, and that when we did I didn't want to tell any of our family until we actually had our baby in our home."

Lacey and Banks met Finley's birth parents in Georgia on Christmas Day in 2015, and formed a close relationship with them as they helped prepare for the mid-April birth date.

And ten days after Finley was born on April 18, Lacey and Banks decided to take an unexpected road trip with the newborn to Tennessee, Alabama and Arizona and visit their immediate family members.

"We couldn't wait for everyone to meet her!" Lacey told the publication.