Little boy cries after dad shaves off beard

Aw! This little boy got a shock when his dad, who usually has a beard, decided to try the clean-shaven look. The amused father films his son's reaction as he becomes increasingly more upset at his dad's lack of facial hair until bursting into tears, leading the dad to promise him that he'll grow it back as soon as possible to cheer him up.

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The YouTube user, who's account name is Greg Hogan, captioned the video: "My son has never known me without a beard, he is not happy that I shaved it off. I am growing it back immediately."

In the video, his son asks him: "what happened to your beard?" to which the dad replies: "do you want it to come back? Are you sad?" to which the son replies: "yeah," visibly beginning to tear up.

The dad then asks "do you still love me?" to which the son hilariously snaps: "no! I want it back!" before bursting into tears.

The little boy eventually cheers up when the dad promises he'll have grown his "full beard" back by next week, giggling as his dad takes a picture with him.