Daddy fail! Mum posts hilarious photo of baby's outfit picked out by dad

A 7-month-old girl's outfit has gone viral online after her mum posted what she was wearing after her dad was left to dress her in the morning. The dad, who is usually in charge of dressing their 6-year-old son, accidentally dressed their daughter Olivia in overalls without an undershirt and took her to nursery in the outfit, leading to a hilarious text exchange between the two, which mum Brooke then posted to Facebook.

After collecting their daughter from nursery to find her wearing a pair of dungarees with no undershirt, she messaged her husband: "did you send Olivia to day care without a shirt on?" to which her sheepish husband replied with a worried emoji and wrote: "uh, I sent her with that thing on."

After Brooke told her husband that the overalls needed an undershirt, he replied: "Uhm, I gotta plead ignorance here."


Parents have been responding with their own experiences on the hilarious post

Brooke also shared a photo of her happy baby giggling while dressed in the outfit, writing: "My darling husband Jeremy got the baby dressed and took her to daycare this morning. This is how things went down when I picked her up! #daddyfail."

Other parents have commented on the hilarious post to share their own mishaps while dressing their babies.

One wrote: "So once after work my hubs dropped our one-year-old off to me wearing this weird beige robe. I had no clue where it came from and she had it on with nothing but leggings. It was open in the front, no buttons or ties. I asked, 'what is this?'

"He says, 'it was on Seth's (her older bros) bed. It was soft. I put it on her.' I said, 'THIS CAME OFF OF HIS STUFFED YODA!' He took her to the grocery before dropping her to me...wearing a Yoda robe...Oh well, at least he got groceries and they both survived the day!"

Another wrote: "I went out for a girl's night when our daughter was a baby and my husband put "Build a Bear" clothes on the baby. I could see the hole where the tail of the stuffed animal was supposed to go."