World War II veteran reunited with beloved pet dog after she was stolen

Emmy Griffiths

World War II veteran Roger LeClair was left devastated after his teacup Chihuahua Lola was stolen after woman came to his home to say she was taking the 12-year-old pooch to the vets, only to never return.

The 93-year-old gave an emotional plea for his companion to be returned to him, and snapped a sign with a photo of Lola which read: "I was taken from my front yard, please help me get home… Please please, no questions asked." Luckily, the story has a happy ending after a woman found the Chihuahua near her son's school and took her in while trying to find out who the pooch belonged to.

Lola was stolen from Roger 

Reporter Kayla Montoya confirmed the good news, posting a status on Facebook which read: "Great news!!!! 93-year-old WWII veteran, Roger Le Clair, has been reunited with his teacup chihuahua LOLA who was taken from his front yard 10 days ago in Downey. This nice woman, who lives in Chino, found Lola at a park in Downey near her son's old school last week and took her home… She didn't want to take her to the shelter and has been waiting to find her owner!!! Friday night, Cynthia's friend saw the post… and called to tell her the good news!!! Cynthia drove LOLA back to Roger today and although he offered her the reward… She did not take it. Thank you to everyone who shared this post!

The local community celebrated her safe return

A nearby restaurant Chris & Pitts BBQ also celebrated the good news. Posing with Lola in a group pictures, they wrote: "I'm sure many of you heard that… WWII veteran, Roger LeClair had his precious dog, Lola, stolen. Roger and Lola have been part of our Chris & Pitts family for 24 years. We were thrilled to help celebrate their reunion! So thankful Lola is back with her loving owner, Roger!" Well-wishers were quick to celebrate the wonderful news, with one writing: "What a beautiful story and happy ending!!! It's so nice to hear when people do the right thing for animals," while another added: "WONDERFUL news, so happy for the pup and Mr. LeClair, thank you to the lady that helped reunite them."

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