Little boy pulls off perfect Hocus Pocus impression

Emmy Griffiths

A little boy has become a viral sensation after his perfect performance as Bette Midler's character Winnifred from Hocus Pocus.

Alfie, a five-year-old from Stockport, requested that this parents film his performance while perfectly singing, dancing and acting along to the film in the background. Dressed in a makeshift costume which included a red curly wig and his blanket as a cloak, Steven sang along to Bette's rendition of I Put a Spell on You, and viewers immediately praised the hilarious video which has now received over 30 thousand shares. The video was spotted by Hocus Pocus actress herself, who tweeted a link to Alfie's dad Steven's Facebook page, writing: "This is a must watch! Alfie nailed it!"

Alfie's mum Emma opened up about how quickly the video went viral, telling the Manchester Evening News: "Alfie loves to put on a show and on Saturday, Alfie did just that and asked Steven to record him. After the video Alfie asked Steven to put the video on Facebook as he wanted to see if Bette Midler would see it - we didn't think she would. As the hours went on we started to realise he was getting a lot of views and literally within 72 hours he had one million views. It was on Wednesday when Bette Midler saw his video and she commented and shared it on her Facebook and Twitter page."

Steven updated Alfie's new fans about how his son's teacher reacted when he was told about the video. He wrote on Facebook: "Just dropped Alfie off at school and he couldn't wait to tell his teacher how many views he's had and that Bette Midler herself has responded. Don't think his teacher knew about just how quickly his video went viral. Think he was a little bit stunned. Have a good day at school little man, I'm sure you will."

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