This dad getting his triplets and toddler ready for bed is incredible

Ainhoa Barcelona

The struggle is real... Every parent understands the difficulties of getting their little ones ready for bed, but when you're dealing with triplets and a toddler, the task can get a little trickier. Just ask father-of-four Dan Gibson, from Ontario, Canada. The proud parent has shared a hilarious video giving Facebook fans a glimpse into his children's hectic bedtime routine. As he expertly multitasks with his youngsters crawling and running round, Dan shows fellow dads exactly how it's done.

In the clip, which is presented in a comical slapstick style, the four blonde toddlers wriggle around and cheekily run away while their dad attempts the evening ritual of changing their clothes. Dan at first struggles to dress each child in their individual babygros, but hurrah, he succeeds and is crowned superman! Dan and his partner Corrie-Lynn Whyte live in Canada with their triplets Olivia, Jackson and Levi, and Dan's older daughter, Emily.

The family are otherwise known as "The Baby Gang", with Dan and Corrie-Lynn describing their brood as "a happy go-lucky family from Cambridge Ontario Canada, who enjoy life and loving our experience as parents". On their website, they add: "Our goal is to bring you fun, cute and exciting entertainment as well as the pleasure to share some of our most memorable moments and experiences with you!"

The couple are extremely popular in the cyber sphere. Dan's video of his children's bedtime routine has clocked up more than 5.1million views on Facebook. Meanwhile, his partner Corrie-Lynn has also starred in a similar supermum video, featuring herself putting her four children to bed. The adorable clip has pulled in more than 2.1million views.