Dad sends son hilarious 'official' letter from the tooth fairy

Barry T. Tooth Fairy wrote Henry Warren's son a warning letter about the state of his lost tooth

Emmy Griffiths

Have you ever struggled to get your children to brush their teeth every day? Henry Warren had the brilliant idea of sending his eight-year-old son, Sam, an official warning about the state of one of his teeth from 'Barry T. Tooth Fairy' to convince him to clean his teeth properly! Henry shared the letter on Twitter with a caption which read: "Our son is dreadful at brushing his teeth. Turns out the Tooth Fairy has had enough."

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The letter reads: "You will have noticed there has been a delay in your payment for the tooth. Mr Warren, I have to inform you that this is due to the condition in which we found said tooth. We expect a certain amount of wear and tear on the teeth we appraise. However, in this case your tooth had to be referred up to the committee for further analysis."


Henry sent a brilliant letter from Barry T. Tooth Fairy

The genius dad continued: "We believe this is due to the lack of care and attention by yourself. We have detected more than trace amounts of Fanta and residual amounts of both cereal and chocolate which have not been removed by appropriate brushing technique. We recommend you review your practice here as a matter of urgency."

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The letter concludes by requesting that Sam takes better care of his teeth, and fellow parents were quick to respond to the clever idea, with one writing: "Parenting level: expert," while another added: "Excellent - although I am surprised that Barry did not recommend an electronic toothbrush as well to reduce gum decay!" Others shared a chuckle over the tooth fairy's first name, with one commenting: "I enjoyed that the Tooth Fairy is called 'Barry.'" Another person wrote: "Glad that in middle age I now know the tooth fairy is called Barry!"