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Help curb your appetite with Skinny Sprinkles


No thanks to festive-overindulgence, the HELLO! Online girls are all on a big, fat diet. But we've discovered a little something that's helped perk us up during our starvation – Skinny Sprinkles.

A food supplement that helps to curb attention and cut cravings, it's a very helpful diet aid.


And the science behind it? It contains glucomannan, a dietary fibre scientifically-proven to aid weight reduction by delayed the absorption of glocuse by the stomach and thus slowing the digestive process. It absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water – swelling when it mixes with water in your stomach – making you feel fuller.

And it also contains a small amount of caffeine for a handy, I've-had-no-sugar-help pick-me-up in the office.

Skinny Sprinkles® available in: 9 Stick handbag size trial pack @ £11.97 (£1.33/serving), 21 Stick box @£24.95(£1.18/serving), 42 serving tub @ £39.97 (95p/serving), 2x 42 serving tub plus free 9 Stick handbag size trial pack @ £69.75 (75p/serving).


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