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Nadia Sawalha reveals the TV obsession that 'disgusted' her co-stars

The Loose Women star has never been more relatable!

Diane Shipley

Nadia Sawalha revealed which of her habits most shocked her Loose Women colleagues in a new magazine interview, which she posted a snapshot of to her Instagram Stories. And honestly, we can't say we're judging her! In the Q&A, which was focused on pop culture, the star's response to the prompt "My guilty pleasure" was all about her love of reality TV.

Nadia said: "The Hayu streaming app. I can escape from the family and pretend to do something important, then watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. Me and Denise Welch bond over our obsession with Hayu and Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

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Their co-stars on the ITV panel show are less impressed, however, the mum-of-two admitted, going on to say: "The other Loose Women are disgusted." The 55-year-old trained as an actress and shot to fame on EastEnders but has become best known for her role on Loose Women, which she joined in 1999.

Last month, she opened up about her experience on the programme, sharing which of her castmates she gets along best with. During a live question and answer session on her YouTube channel, Nadia was asked who she is closest to on the panel. She replied: "I do get on with everybody but obviously I do have very close friends.

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Nadia shared the revelation to her Instagram stories 

"I really do get on with everyone and we all go on holiday together, but I would say the people I see the most are Jane [Moore], Kaye [Adams], Saira [Khan], Stacey [Solomon], Denise [Welch], and Carol [McGriffin]." The keen cook and foodie also admitted that one of the best parts of the job prior to the pandemic was being able to have the meal of her choice before filming began.

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Nadia said: "Before lockdown when we used to get our food delivered, we are really lucky and get delivered whatever we want for breakfast. Whatever we want, they get it for us. Whether it's from Deliveroo or Soho House, whatever we want, they get it for us." What a dream!

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