Kelly Rowland has her exercise wear inside out in hilarious video

The singer didn't let that bother her!

Being a mum-of-two, Kelly Rowland doesn't let anything phase her, not even realising that her exercise wear was on inside out.

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In a hilarious video, the Can't Nobody singer styled out some blue camouflage Fabletics fitness wear, in her lavish garden that featured a stone picnic area.

"I feel really cute in my outfit, thank you," she said while dancing around. "Feel my energy, energy, energy."

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The star then gestured to her exercise wear with a realisation. "I just realised that I think I have this on inside out, but I don't think I care."

She added: "And you designed this so you can wear it inside out, did you know that? It's a whole vibe."

The singer was looking in incredible shape after giving birth to son Noah in January, and fans were in awe of her body.

One wrote: "I need that!!!! And this after baby bawdy!" Another added: "Wait. This is after the baby?"

The star made a surprising realisation

A third shocked fan said: "Kelly u just had a bby like how? U look amazing!!!"

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"Didn't you just give birth, how u fit again?" asked another fan in disbelief.

Kelly and husband Tim Weatherspoon welcomed their second son Noah earlier this year, and during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Commander songstress revealed a surprising detail about the birth.

Kelly is a proud mum-of-two

Speaking to guest host Kalen Allen, Kelly revealed that her entire family watched her give birth over Zoom.

She explained: "Well, you know, the last time when I had Titan my family was there and this time they weren't and, you know, everybody was feeling a way about that because we like to be at each other's births.

"So, yeah, we got a Zoom, and everyone was there, I mean, you know, the proper angle only!"

And she revealed that her other son, Titan, was thrilled to have a baby brother. "My son is absolutely in love with his baby brother and we're just really happy. It's really sweet. The house is very sweet and I love it."

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