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Inside Rod Stewart's dating history: from Bond girl to current wife Penny Lancaster

The You Wear It Well singer has an extensive dating life

Split image of Rod Stewart with Rachel Hunter, Penny Lancaster and Britt Ekland
Matthew Moore
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Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster will be marking their 14th year of marriage later this year, and it proved to be wedding number three for Rod which proved lucky, as he and his beau still share the same feelings.

However, the 78-year-old has had a varied dating life before meeting his beloved, including two other marriages and children with four other women. Rod's dating life consists of models, a childhood romance and even a Bond girl. Scroll on down to learn about the loves of Rod's life before he finally settled down with Penny.

Susannah Boffey

Rod's first relationship was with Susannah Boffey, with the pair meeting when they were just teenagers, with Susannah saying the former couple met in a nightclub. In an interview with the Mail, Susannah shared: "He had a lot of charisma. The first thing I remember we did was go on an Aldermaston anti-nuclear march together. I remember we were dressed the same: deerstalker hats and high-heeled boots."

During their relationship, Susannah fell pregnant with their daughter, Sarah Streeter. Rod previously said that Susannah's father put pressure on the pair to put their daughter up for adoption, but speaking to the Mail, Susannah claimed Rod turned his back on her after she broke the news.

"I don't blame him for the way he behaved in the Sixties — he was young and foolish and he had big dreams, like we all did," she told the publication. "But I blame him for what he has done since, for what has happened to both me and Sarah."

Jennie Rylance

After his romance with Susannah, Rod moved onto model Jennie Rylance. The couple dated for two years before calling it quits.

Dee Harrington

A black-and-white photo of Rod Stewart with Dee Harrington© Dove

Rod then began dating model Dee Harrington with the pair lasting for four years after they met at a party on a cruise ship. In an interview, Dee said the singer was "shy" about asking her to dance with him, but they had immediate chemistry as soon as they started.

Dee also revealed that Rod had even popped the question to her, sharing: "We were canoodling in our hotel bedroom, when he just blurted out, 'Will you marry me?' 'It was really unusual at the time, nobody got married in the 70s, but Rod was old-fashioned.'" However, the pair weren't to last with Rod believing that his partner was being unfaithful to him, which in turn led to him romancing actress Britt Ekland.

Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland in a fur coat with Rod Stewart© Hulton Archive

Britt is most famous for her role as Mary Goodnight in Bond film The Man with the Golden Girl, and the actress and Rod were in a relationship for two years between 1975 and 1977, however, the actress would later reveal that it was Rod's unfaithfulness that put an end to their romance. "He never said sorry," the star told the Mail on Sunday. "Never. I wish he had. I think that would have brought it to an end. I think it is only fair to do that."

Alana Stewart

Rod Stewart holding a wine bottle with Alana Stewart© Ron Galella

Rod's first marriage was to model Alana Stewart, who left husband George Hamilton to be with the rock and roll legend. The couple tied the knot in 1979 and even welcomed two children together, Kimberly and Sean. Rod and Alana married in 1979, and in an interview Rod recalled what his father said to him after he and Alana became engaged. "When I told my dad I was getting married, he said, 'You're far too young'," he explained. "He was right. I still had a lot of living, partying, drinking and shagging to do."

Kelly Emberg

Rod Stewart hugging Kelly Emberg from behind© Darlene Hammond

Rod began dating model Kelly Emberg while he was still married to Alana and the pair's romance lasted for seven years, with the couple even welcoming a daughter, Ruby. However, Rod's persistant unfaithfulness would prove to be their undoing with the pair splitting in 1990. Speaking about the moment, Kelly said: "It is very hard being in love with someone and knowing that they are wrong for you.

"I thought about breaking up with Rod for a whole year before I finally made the decision to do it. But once I turned 30 and had a good look at my life and situation, I realised Rod didn't want to marry me."

Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter walking with Rod Stewart© Ron Galella, Ltd.

Rod and Rachel met in a Los Angeles nightclub in 1990 and despite a 24-year age gap, the pair had instant chemistry and their whirlwind romance say Rod popping the question to the model just three weeks later. The couple separated in 1999 before divorcing in 2006 with Rachel making the decision to end their relationship as she felt she was losing her identity.

However, the model still holds warm feelings for her ex, who she welcomed children Renee and Liam with, explaining: "I'll take to the grave the pain that I caused Rod. I hurt the one person I loved and cared about, and that’s a hard thing to live with on a daily basis."

Rod also revealed he didn't take the end of their relationship well, saying: "I felt cold all the time. I took to lying on the sofa in the day, with a blanket over me and holding a hot water bottle against my chest. I knew then why they call it heartbroken: you can feel it in your heart. I was distracted, almost to the point of madness."

Penny Lancaster

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster at a Grand Prix race© Mark Thompson

After the end of his relationship with Rachel, Rod met Penny as she performed with his band. The couple began dating while the singer was still married to Rachel and would go on to welcome two sons, Alistair and Aiden, and walked down the aisle in 2007. The pair's relationship is still going strong with Penny often accompanying Rod on outings and the pair even reportedly renewed their wedding vows last April.

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