Piers Morgan's father-in-law reveals his opinion on presenter has recently changed

George Walden opened up about having Piers for a son-in-law

Emmy Griffiths

Piers Morgan's father-in-law George Walden joined him on Good Morning Britain via video chat on Tuesday morning to discuss his new book, and opened up about how he really feels about his son-in-law!

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Praising Piers, George said: "I hear good reports from my daughter and I'm sure we may not agree on everything here but everyone will agree that, particularly after your recent transformation over Trump, we will agree that you have become a national treasure." Watch the hilarious video here... 

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WATCH: George calls his son-in-law Piers a national treasure

Piers and Celia have been happily married for ten years now, and Celia works as a columnist for The Telegraph. She recently revealed that the pair had been burgled while in France with their daughter, Elise, and Piers' three sons, Spencer, Albert and Stanley. 


Piers with his wife Celia

At the time, she wrote: "The jewellery part did sting. It still stings now, almost a week on. 'They're just things,' I keep telling myself, and they are just things, but they're also memories that have been trampled over.

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"The art deco ring my husband had bought me for our fifth wedding anniversary; the vintage Pucci cuff I'd picked up in a flea market in LA; those earrings I'd bought from Alfies Antique Market on the Edgware Road when my first book advance came through: every last piece I had with me was gone, none of it of great value, all of it irreplaceable."

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