Friends baby names with the best earning potential - is Monica or Rachel the richest?

'The One Where You Name Your Baby After One of the Friends'

friends baby names
17 May 2021

It's the moment we've all been waiting nearly two decades for - the Friends reunion has finally arrived and is set to stream from 27 May in the US. Although it's currently unknown whether UK fans will be able to watch our favourite six return to our screens – it hasn't stopped Google searches for the Friends reunion racking up over 50,000 on Sunday.

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Love for the classic sitcom clearly runs deep, with an increasing number of fans choosing to name their newborns after Friends-inspired names.

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Thanks to the latest research from financial experts Loan Bird, we now have a definitive guide of which Friends character name could earn you the most money (based on the salary earnings of the characters in the hit show).

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Experts have revealed the Friends names most likely to make your baby grow up to be a top earner. Will your little one be a Merchandising Manager at Ralph Lauren like Rachel? Or will palaeontology be their calling like Ross?  


The iconic 90s sitcom has been a favourite for decades

Using Adzuna’s name valuation tool, the analysis identified that those who follow in the palaeontologist’s footsteps are more likely to be top earners. That’s right, 'Ross' is the highest value Friend’s inspired name, followed by 'Joseph', the full name of Joey Tribbiane's Italian-American character.

As for the Friends ladies, the highest-earning female name is 'Monica', who is also the highest-earning female character as a Head Chef at premium restaurant Javu.

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Sadly, comedic Chandler's unique name didn’t yield any insights, as in the words of Mr Bing himself: "What kind of a name is 'Chandler' anyway!?"

If you're looking for inspiration for your little one's moniker, look no further. These Friends-inspired names will forever hold iconic pop-culture significance.


Rachel and Ross gave birth to baby Emma Geller-Greene

Top earning Friends character baby names

Ross - £35,838

Joey / Joseph - £33,497

Monica - £32,599

Rachel -£29,667

Phoebe - £25,108

Chandler - N/A

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