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Angelina Jolie's kids: meet her 6 children as Vivienne steps into the spotlight

The Maleficent actress is a proud mom to six children with her ex Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and her kids at the Eternals premiere
Hannah Watkin
Content Writer
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Angelina Jolie is one of the most glamorous, talked-about movie stars of her generation, from her Oscar-winning performance in Girl, Interrupted to blockbuster roles in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Maleficent.

As a result, the star's personal life has also often been in the spotlight, especially her headline-grabbing relationship, marriage, and highly tumultuous divorce from Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie looking at the camera with her two young children on either side of her© Getty Images
The actress with two of her kids in 2015

But throughout the years, the 48-year-old's children with Brad have also regularly caught the public eye, until recently, when youngest daughter Vivienne, 15, has been showing interest in the entertainment industry, working on her mom's latest project, Broadway show The Outsiders, which premieres on March 11. But what else do we know? Join HELLO! as we explore everything we know about the couple's famous kids.

How many children does Angelina Jolie have?

Angelina has six kids in total: Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne.

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The Hollywood A-lister adopted her first child, seven-month-old Maddox, in 2002. Born in Cambodia, Angelina fell in love with her first son's country while filming for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001, and chose to adopt Maddox after returning to the country later that year and visiting the orphanage where he was living.

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While the actress was in a relationship with Billy Bob Thornton at the time she adopted her first son, Angelina chose to adopt Maddox on her own. When she and Billy split later in 2002, the Changeling actress became a single parent.

Angelina posing with Maddox at a red carpet event© Getty Images
Angelina with Maddox in 2017

In July 2005, Angelina adopted her second child and first daughter, six-month-old Zahara. Having now met her partner Brad Pitt, the couple adopted Zahara from Ethiopia together. The Ocean's Eleven actor also adopted Maddox at the same time.

Brangelina's next family move was to conceive a child together, and their third child, Shiloh, was born in 2006 while the couple were in Namibia.

Angelina with Zahara and Shiloh walking down a red carpet chatting© Getty Images
Angelina with Zahara and Shiloh in 2021

The long-time UNHCR ambassador then adopted her fourth child, Pax, from Vietnam in 2007. Despite the fact they adopted their second son following the birth of Shiloh and their adoption of her older sister Zahara, because Pax was born in 2003 he became the couple's second oldest child.

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Pax was only adopted by Brad once the couple and their kids had returned to the US in 2008. Angelina had to adopt Pax as a single parent due to a law in Vietnam at the time preventing unmarried couples from co-adopting children.

Brad and Angelina posing for a photo at a red carpet event© Getty Images
Brad and Angelina in 2015

Later in 2008, Angelina gave birth to their twins, son Knox and daughter Vivienne.

What is Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne's role in The Outsiders?

Angelina's daughter Vivienne has had an exciting year, having been chosen my her mom to work as her assistant in her new Broadway show, The Outsiders. 

When news of the star's involvement in the show was announced in August, a source close to the Changeling star told HELLO!: "Angelina is excited about this new venture. She believes this is a musical for all ages, but particularly resonates with young people. 

"So she wants to ensure the team is listening and working with young people every step of the way, and that their voices are leading in bringing this production to life on Broadway."

The Oscar-winning star herself added of her daughter: "Viv reminds me of my mother in that she isn't focused on being the center of attention but in being a support to other creatives. 

"She's very thoughtful and serious about theater and working hard to best understand how to contribute."

How old are Angelina Jolie's kids?

Angelina's kids are all quite grown up now. Maddox is 22 years old, Pax is 20, Zahara is 19, and Shiloh is 17 years old. Meanwhile 14-year-olds Knox and Vivienne are also fast heading towards their mid-teenage years.

Angelina with Shiloh and Pax and her friend, street artist JR, smiling at each other on a red carpet© Getty Images
Angelina with Shiloh and Pax and her friend, street artist JR, in 2021

The award-winning actress regularly brings her children along with her to public events, such as when she took all six of her children to the various premieres of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in 2019.

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Why did Angelina Jolie adopt?

The Hollywood actress, whose father is Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight, has spoken often about why she chose to adopt. Speaking with Vogue India in 2020 about her first adoption, Angelina said: "In 2001, I was in a school programme in Samlout playing blocks on the floor with a little kid and as clear as day I thought: 'My son is here.' A few months later I met baby [Maddox] at an orphanage. I can't explain it and am not one to believe in messages or superstition. But it was just real and clear."

Angelina Jolie surrounded by her children and two child stars at a red carpet film premiere© Getty Images
The family with stars of Angelina's film, First They Killed My Father

Moving on to address her adoption of Pax from Vietnam in 2007, the actress and director admitted: "I did originally think not to adopt from Vietnam because Mad was Cambodian and the two countries have a complex history," but she added: "I thought of my own country and our involvement in south-east Asia. I thought of focusing on a future where we were all family… I am very blessed to have been allowed to be their mom. I am grateful every day."

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In 2020, she also opened up during an interview with Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate for TIME's 100 Talks series about her pride in Zahara's connection to her African heritage. "I have learned so much from her. She is my family, but she is an extraordinary African woman and her connection to her country, her continent, is her own and it’s something I only stand back in awe of," Angelina said.

Angelina and Zahara smiling at each other at the premiere for Maleficent 2© Getty Images
Angelina and Zahara in 2019

Later in her 2020 interview with Vogue India, Angelina addressed how she balanced raising a family made up of both adopted and biological children. "Each is a beautiful way of becoming family," she stressed. "What is important is to speak with openness about all of it and to share. 'Adoption' and 'orphanage' are positive words in our home.

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"With my adopted children, I can't speak of pregnancy, but I speak with much detail and love about the journey to find them and what it was like to look in their eyes for the first time," she continued.

What are Angelina Jolie's kids doing now?

The Maleficent actress' eldest child Maddox is currently studying biochemistry at South Korea's Yonsei University, where he is also learning Korean.

Angelina, Knox and Zahara at the premiere for Dumbo, laughing together© Getty Images
Angelina, Knox and Zahara at the premiere for Dumbo

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight in 2019, Angelina gushed: "I'm so happy for [Maddox] that he's grown up into such a good man… He's smart and he's doing his work, but he's also wild. He's balanced in his teenage years."

Zahara also recently headed off to college, and although she's sticking closer to home by attending Spelman College in Atlanta, Angelina admitted while visiting the college with her eldest daughter that Zahara leaving home had left her thinking: "I'm gonna start crying!"

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While Pax keeps more of a low profile, he did recently join his brother Maddox in working with their mother who was directing Without Blood in 2022. Speaking with People magazine about working with her sons on the movie, the LA-born creative revealed: "We work well together. When a film crew is at its best, it feels like a big family, so it felt natural."

As teens, the A-lister's youngest Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne are still growing up and, besides occasional appearances with their mother at red carpet events, remain out of the spotlight.

Zahara, Vivienne and Angelina sharing a laugh at the Eternals premiere© Getty Images
Zahara, Vivienne and Angelina sharing a laugh at the Eternals premiere

However, Knox did star alongside his mother in 2016's Kung Fu Panda 3, as he voiced the character of Ku-Ku. Pax, Zahara and Shiloh all also had small roles in the film. Meanwhile, the actress' lookalike daughter Shiloh appears to also have an interest in dance, as she has appeared on several posts on LA-based dance studio Millennium Dance Complex's social media.

In October 2022, Angelina filed a counterclaim against her ex-husband Brad during their ongoing legal battle about Miraval, a French winery which they both own. In the court papers, the actress alleged the 59-year-old actor assaulted both her and her children on a private plane flight in 2016. Brad has always denied the allegations.

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