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Inside Carrie Johnson's ultra-lavish family holidays with her three children

 The former media rep and her husband Boris Johnson live in Oxfordshire with their three children

A split image of Carrie Johnson and Carrie with Boris Johnson and son Wilfred
20 March 2024
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When you think of a luxury holiday, the occasion tends to be a major milestone birthday trip, or a once in a lifetime honeymoon. But when you are the children of Carrie and Boris Johnson, every family holiday is ultra-luxurious.

The Johnson clan have always enjoyed a getaway, and since welcoming baby Frankie, last July nothing has changed. The doting mother has loved documenting her family travels on social media for her cohort of loyal fans, and so many of the dreamy locations have given us serious holiday inspiration. 

From an idyllic Grecian getaway to palm-tree-lined beaches, it's safe to say that when it comes to a holiday Carrie knows where to head.

Join us as we take a look inside all of the Johnson family's most spectacular trips.

A photo of Carrie Johnson walking along the beach with her daughter Romy © Instagram

South Carolina

Following a visit to the Dominican Republic, Carrie, Boris and her eldest two children enjoyed a simply idyllic holiday to South Carolina in April 2023. The mother-of-three shared a number of beautiful beach-side photos whilst enjoying a walk by the sea on Kiwah Island, holding her daughter's hand. 

A photo of Wilfred and Romy Johnson on holiday in South Carolina

Wilfred and Romy have always had the sweetest bond and another photo from the US getaway showed a sweet photo of the sibling-duo looking out of their exquisite balcony over a sprawling array of magnificent trees as well as a lake.  

A photo of Carrie Johnson paddleboarding on holiday


Before welcoming baby number three, in October 2022, Carrie also revealed she and her family enjoyed another family trip. The location of the vacation still remains a mystery but it certainly looked perfect. Carrie was pictured in a dazzling red swimsuit whilst enjoying a solo paddleboarding session.

Wilfred Johnson running on the beach on holiday© Instagram

Meanwhile, her eldest, Wilf was captured enjoying time on the beach, his unmistakable blonde locks blowing in the breeze.  

A photo of newborn baby Frankie on holiday with mum Carrie and sister Romy © Instagram


Just weeks after welcoming baby Frankie, in August last year, the family-of-five headed for an enviable Greecian getaway. The newborn was pictured looking so adorable on the beach sitting between his mother's legs, whilst his elder sister Romy enjoyed a snack. 

A photo of baby Frankie lying on a soft bed in Greece

Other photos from the incredible holiday appeared to show off the family's living quarters which included their own private pool overlooking the mountains and glittering blue sea.  

A photo of Romy Johnson kissing her moter Carrie on holiday

Carrie was pictured during an adorable moment with her daughter who planted a kiss on her mother whilst she was sitting underneath a beach umbrella. 

Wilfred and Rommy donned swimsuits for their Halloween extravaganza

A Tropical Halloween

The Johnsons enjoyed a tropical half-term holiday in October 2023. Again, Carrie decided to keep the details of the exact location private but speculation in the comments section was somewhere in the Carribbean. 

Romy was in her element

During the trip, Carrie enjoyed another solo paddleboard, meanwhile, Romy was pictured relaxing in a hammock on the beach. The children also celebrated Halloween during their holiday and were captured gazing at large pumpkins which were placed in front of even more palm trees.

Carrie Johnson's son Wilf enjoying the beach© Instagram

Private Yacht trip

In March, Carrie revealed she and her brood headed for yet another incredible trip abroad when she took to her Stories with a slew of photos labelled: "February".

Carrie Johnson with her two sons© Instagram

The unidentified location appeared to be a dream and saw Carrie sitting at the front of a private yacht with Wilfred and Frankie, whose vibrant locks took front and centre of the photo.  

Carrie Johnson swimming with eldest son Wilf© Instagram

Another photo saw Carrie taking a dip in the pool with Wilfred and they couldn't have looked happier.  

Baby Frank laying infront of a lion

Port Lympne Safari Park

Not all the holidays the Johnson clan have are abroad, they have also recently enjoyed a country holiday to Somerset and have previously enjoyed "blustery" British beach getaways. However, one of their most fabulous British staycations has been at  Port Lympne Safari Park in November 2023.

A photo of a lion looking at Wilfred Johnson and Romy Johnson

The family stayed at Lion Lodge, a sprawling two-storey cabin that allows guests to sleep next to the lions. One snap showed Wilfred and Romy getting up-close and personal with a lion whilst sharing a bath.

Carrie Johnson shares incredible details of safari holiday

Their extravagant lodgings didn't disappoint when it came to the decor. In the centre of the main living space was a large ornate chandelier. On the wall facing cosy grey sofas was a flat-screen TV and the soft furnishings were more of the aforementioned shaggy rugs which covered the large apartment.

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