Your weekly horoscope revealed for 27 September to 1 October

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The cosmic joke season starts with Mercury performing a backflip through the heavens. It has its less-than-funny moments of excruciating frustration. Yet, there's a lot to be gained from withdrawing your expectations, living in the moment and appreciating the intermittent magic.


Glitches in the smooth running of your life are calls to slow down and re-boot. Whilst the daily grind can grind to a halt with Mercury stalling, you've got more time to ponder your real and true connections with others. Where is your soul entwined with another? Who understands you without words?


You get the opportunity to examine what's happening now or some moments of the recent past in freeze-frame as Mercury retrograde gives you the forensic view rather than skipping over the surface. It gives you a greater understanding of the build-up to misunderstandings. What's more, you can resolve them.


Digging deep into your archives to retrieve the correct information or memory is your task this week. Particularly as someone close to you seems to remember things differently. You may agree to disagree but allow your own truth to light up your self-esteem. Light dispels the dark.


There's a fine line between pressing the mute button and turning the volume down in your communication at the moment. Least said, soonest mended perhaps. But don't forget that coming from the heart can soften the sharper impact of words designed to press your point home. Gently does it.


It's difficult to imagine how you can unpick a knotty issue that seems to grow tighter with every intervention. However, you need to relax into it, let your shoulders drop and stop catastrophising about what could go wrong. Einstein said problems can't be solved at their own level. So rise above.


As Mercury has slowed down to perform its reverse thrust in your sign it's not much wonder you feel a little off-balance. Give yourself some time to right yourself and resist the temptation to judge what's happening. You're in the process of understanding things differently. This is a gift not to be missed.


Despite the fact that there is so much to sort out from the past, Venus in Scorpio is delighting you with her soulful exchanges. Remain open-minded and above all open-hearted and you will discover you are perfectly primed for the kind of emotionally intelligent connection that matters the most.


Think twice before you make any of your famous Sagittarian tactless remarks as Mercury's reverse motion means things will come back to haunt you. Everything said carries extra weight these days and people are prickly and raw and unlikely to cut you much slack. A perfect time to launch a charm offensive.


The slow motion engendered by Mercury retrograde has got you thinking. Perhaps going over what has been said or what someone truly meant. It's not like you to ruminate, yet you feel you need to clear the air. If so, do it in a way that comes across as a question rather than a criticism. You can repair this.


The Sun's supportive link to Saturn in your sign will go a long way towards firming up your intentions. Even though the details may be missing due to Mercury's spin cycle, you need to get yourself into that broad agreement about your direction. It will empower you.


Contracts and collaborations are up for re-interpretation as Mercury goes over some old ground. The first thing you need to do is get absolutely clear about your own priorities. Too often you have taken your cues from what matters to others. This is exactly what has gone wrong – now is your chance to right it.

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