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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...

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Any kind of jolt to the system should be viewed as a timely reminder that there's no place for what you've outgrown. Keeping things going for the sake of it could prove very short-sighted as on May 10 abundant Jupiter will enter Aries for the first time in 11 years. Make space for new adventures.


All is revealed as code-breaker Uranus meets with the Sun in your sign this week, creating a vast leap in awareness. Despite the sense of being forcibly expelled from a rut or routine, something out of the ordinary is exactly the kind of revitalising force you need. It feels so liberating.


Intangible thoughts and feelings have the power to stretch you out of your comfort zone, propelling you into the future because the past can be dispensed within a flash. It's all to do with your perception which is rapidly changing. Leading over the coming months to a life-enhancing role surrounded by like-minded people.

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If someone is disturbing the status quo, put it down to the Sun-Uranus alchemy that stages an intervention in your existing set-up. Taking cover is your usual modus operandi, however, there are so many bright lights on your personal horizon it would be worth your while to remain present, curious and open-minded.


Nothing fazes a Leo, however, you are undoubtedly in an unsettled time due to the eclipse season and the extra-curricular meeting of the Sun and Uranus which sheds new light on your current plans. The only way through this is to be a big picture thinker and allow opportunities to download even if they obliterate what you thought would happen.


The radical influence of the Sun's union with Uranus can shape-shift your reality in a second. So there's really no point in trying to buckle down in defence mode when opening up can take you places beyond your current mode of thinking. Allow yourself the freedom of taking in the new, without judging.

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As Venus is now in the relationship angle of your solar chart, close encounters are well starred. However, you can't control the pace of what's going on or account for the unpredictable behaviour of others, especially where issues of money or deep feelings are involved. Besides, your own spontaneous desires are coming to the fore.


If someone is prompting an adrenaline rush, put it down to the Sun's chemical reaction to the wild child planet Uranus. It's impossible to keep your feelings in as you're being taken in a new direction that's exciting and entirely different from what you expected. Jupiter and Pluto are encouraging you to go all out.


Jupiter's kiss off with Pluto sends encouraging pheromones deep into your psyche, readying you for a radical overhaul that will permeate every cell of your being. In just over a week, Jupiter's arrival into fiery Aries will begin a five month period in which you will reconnect with what it means to live life to the full.


You're the quiet one to watch rather than the scene-stealer, so those in the know will be pleased to see you finally step into something you more than deserve. Shaking off any limitations is essential now as you're being given a golden opportunity to show just how positive, life-affirming and surprisingly spontaneous you can be.


Whilst many other signs are intrinsically resistant to change, you tend to throw yourself into new discoveries without so much as a backwards glance. This lightness of being is highly visible now as you swiftly move onto the new with all the excitement of a child in a sweet shop and the maturity of an old soul!


Early May is sprinkled with an endorsement of your wish to live in the moment as you seem to be experiencing a big pop-up that requires your presence. Focusing your attention here releases you from the circular thoughts that have drained your energy. Let go and be in the now.

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