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Your horoscope for the week ahead 19 to 25 September 2022

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
September 19, 2022
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As the Sun heads into the relationship zone of your chart at the Autumn Equinox followed by a New Moon here next Sunday there's a renewed sense of connection in the air. Take any opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings and the 'starting over' atmosphere will take things to the next level.


Were it not for Mercury’s back-track you believe you'd be further on than you are. However any perceived delays could turn out to be an optical illusion as you uncover the real gems that would have been lost in haste. A new rhythm is being set for the Autumn Equinox onwards.


A major shift in priorities can come about as a result of what you discover this week. As the Sun unites with Mercury every word counts and alters your perception of existing arrangements. At next Sunday's New Moon you're absolutely ready to shift into a greater sense of flow and ease.


Even seemingly insignificant events and exchanges could turn out to have a profound impact on the status quo. Listen carefully and absorb the details as you have a perfect opportunity to position yourself exactly where you want to be. A re-birthing energy is taking place.


This is an ideal time to let go of things that really don't matter and replace them with the ideas and activities that are meaningful to you. You're in a transitional period and able to negotiate the terms of an agreement which sets up a platform for new projects to take shape.


Developments this week offer you the package you've been looking for. As Mercury reverses back into your own sign and meets with the pulsing energy of the Sun something hugely significant is illuminated. Perhaps you're changing your thinking or you realise what isn't worth your time and what is worth your effort.


The run up to Autumn Equinox and the advent of Libra season invites you to step into a greater sense of self-worth. Next Sunday's New Moon in your own sign marks a pivotal point for new developments. Imagine being in the flow of manifestation and make yourself available.


Whilst the Sun's magnificent link to Pluto on Monday signals a return to self empowerment you are unlikely to want to do too much at once. You are best guided by your own intuition during the incubation period prior to next Sunday's New Moon. The signs and signals you are receiving speak volumes.


This is a vital opportunity to clear up what is long overdue. You're approaching that 'no- brainer' moment when you recognise with enormous clarity exactly what need to be done. What's more you sense those around you are of the same mind and ready to embrace the new order.


Whilst recent situations have required sensitive handling and a fair degree of flexibility on your part you're approaching a sense of accomplishment and a new beginning is dawning. Whilst the details are still being worked on, there is a feeling that your destiny is taking a new direction.


For some time you've been pondering taking a new approach or embarking on a different pathway. Yet you've had to ensure that certain things are in place before you are able to take the next step. What transpires this week frees you up and you're ready to go. It's a big tick in the box.


The final quarter of the year is approaching and you feel there's work to do to finish up what you started. Between now and the New Moon on the 25th you'll be able to ascertain exactly who is on-board personally and/or financially. You need commitment rather than flakey promises.

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