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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 13 February to 19 2023

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
February 13, 2023
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Is the universe setting up a cosmic joke by lifting us up with Neptune’s fantasy smooch with Venus, then landing us down to earth with a bump the next day? Perhaps it's simply a message that reminds us to keep our feet on the ground even in the midst of the most romantic gestures.


These Valentine's aspects might have come straight out of central casting with the enchanting, seductive energy of Venus and Neptune sprinkling fairy dust. However, Sun and Saturn provide the reality check that shows us if relationships really work. You need to be an alchemist with this lot upstairs!


If something is missing or someone is vaguely elusive it could be that you need to establish a stronger filter system for those people who tantalise but don’t come up with the goods. You've got clearly defined plans in your head and really don’t have time to wait or lose. This is actually your cue to take control and live in the real world.


Cancerians are fortunate enough to connect with romance through music, art, atmosphere and beauty. These forms can send you into euphoria when people themselves turn out to have feet of clay. Of course you can laugh and say that we're all only human. However you’d appreciate some special effects this week.


A contradictory cosmos is not plain sailing just when you might have been hoping for a week of hearts and flowers. Even if you're on Cloud 9 it would be wise to have a safety net in place. It’s not unromantic – just sensible. This is a time when the surreal and real exist side-by side.


The presence of Venus and Neptune smooching in Pisces over Valentines is capable of melting hearts. But Saturn's down-to-earth quality is also present, ensuring you keep a grip on the real business and a sharp eye on the facts. You're wanting to be pitch perfect, precision itself for a job well done.


Of course, you'd like to thread a little romance through this week if you're a typical Libra – yet there are Other Priorities. You're being called to do the balancing act of showing you care, whilst applying yourself to a big job that calls on your time and attention. You're the one sign who can make this look easy.


For most Scorpios this is a time of needing bi-focal vision. On the one hand you could enjoy a creative or romantic process, skip up to the stars and back and on the other you're on a strict time-table with a definite goal in mind. It’s hard to find a happy compromise – but the message is to enjoy the magic whilst keeping on with the day job.


Archers don't pay much attention to feeling let down or hard-done-by as your nature is essentially positive. In fact, you help others get over themselves many times by re-framing life’s disappointments as opportunities. Actively seeking out those who want to make headway in life would be a good move at this stage.


Certainty and commitment, security and constancy are the things that make your world go round. Make it clear to someone who is dithering that building things that are rock-solid and made to last is your forte. They will soon see that your business sense is what’s needed in order to ground their creative vision.


You're experiencing a rite of passage as this week marks the finishing post on all that you've been working on over the last 2.5 years. You've learned a lot and it’s been quite a ride – a testament to your inner staying power. So as the Sun and Saturn kiss goodbye in your sign for the final time in 29 years it's closure and a sigh of relief.


Not everyone appreciates your finely tuned intuitive perception and affinity for the invisible aspects of life. However, they have to admit you were right all along this week as things materialise which are plain for everyone to see. In the meantime, prepare for next Monday’s Pisces New Moon – a beautiful new cycle is starting.

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