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King Frederik of Denmark's fancy new signature revealed

The monarch has been in power for just over a week

King Frederik's official portrait
Ainhoa Barcelona
Content Managing Editor
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King Frederik of Denmark has a shiny new signature following the abdication of his mother Queen Margrethe II earlier this month. 

The new Danish monarch, who has been on the throne for just over a week, showcased his autograph in a photo posted on the royal family's official Instagram account. 

The picture showed a letter that Frederik sent to a member of the public who has just celebrated his 100th birthday. In keeping with Queen Margrethe's tradition, Danish citizens who reach their 100th, 105th and 110th birthdays will receive a personal, signed letter from the king.

King Frederik X of Denmark's new signature© Instagram
King Frederik showcased his new signature in a letter

Frederik's new signature now ends with an "R", an abbreviation of the Latin word "Rex" which means "King". The late Queen Elizabeth II would also sign any official documents with the letter "R" which stood for "Regina", meaning "Queen".

The caption on the Instagram post noted that this was the first letter signed by Frederik to be sent to a citizen celebrating their centenary birthday. 

"In addition, the King will also continue to send congratulations on the occasion of diamond, crown diamond, iron and nuclear weddings at 60, 65, 70 and 75 years of marriage respectively," the caption read in part.

"The tradition of greetings from the Majesty on special anniversaries goes back many years. It started with telegram greetings that were sent, written down and read out to the birthday person in question on the day."

Princess Isabella has the sweetest reaction to her parents kissing on balcony:

King Frederik acceded to the throne on Sunday 14 January alongside his wife, Queen Mary. His mother Margrethe formally signed a declaration of abdication at the Council of State meeting, in the presence of Frederik, and Frederik's heir and 18-year-old son, Crown Prince Christian.

The royals then travelled to Christiansborg Palace where Frederik gave his first address from the balcony as king. "My hope is to become a unifying king of tomorrow. It is a task I have approached all my life. It is a task I take on with pride, respect and joy," he declared.

The crowds broke into applause and cheers again as Queen Mary joined her husband on the balcony, sealing the moment with a kiss. 

Queen Margrethe II standing behind her son King Frederik X of Denmark © Getty
Queen Margrethe II standing behind her son King Frederik shortly after her abdication

While Margrethe's abdication came as an initial shock, Juliet Rieden, editor-at-large of The Australian Women's Weekly, explained why now was the right time for the 83-year-old queen to step down.

"It definitely came out of the blue," Juliet told HELLO!. "But I think she's a very pragmatic Queen. She saw the popularity of Frederik and Mary. She saw the vitality that they could give to the monarchy moving forward. And their eldest son Crown Prince Christian has just turned 18 and is clearly very serious about the role of heir. So, everything is in place.

"Margrethe will, of course, still be there guiding them all. But I think she had in her mind that Frederik and Mary were ready to take the throne, and Mary gave stability to the possibility of Frederik becoming king early."

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