Video: Watch the tear-jerking moment this deaf husband finds out his wife is pregnant

Finding out your wife is expecting your child is a special moment for every man, but when this deaf husband learned his partner was pregnant, his reaction was emotional to say the least.


Brittany LeBlanc discovered she was pregnant on 8 October 2015 and decided to let her husband, David, know later the same day in both a beautiful and memorable way.


Brittany told her deaf husband she was pregnant in an emotional video

Filmed by Brittany, the YouTube video shows David, who is deaf, sitting in the living room of their home in Hammond, Louisiana. Her husband looks confused at the green gift bag she has prepared as a fun way to surprise him.


David unwrapped pregnancy tests to find out his wife was pregnant

David begins unwrapping each individual gift from its wrapping paper. The first clue is a Baby Ruth bar, which he responds to using American Sign Language, communicating his confusion.

When the unknowing father-to-be unwraps his next present, a Dad's Root Beer, he becomes even more baffled, before the realisation slowly starts setting in that his wife is trying to tell him a baby-related message through the gifts.

The video shows a teary David discover the good news

His wife giggles as he continues to rummage through the bag, until he finds the final gift - two positive pregnancy tests. The overwhelmed husband looks around in disbelief as the penny drops.

In sign language, he asks: "You're pregnant?" The touching video clip shows David begin to cry, expressing his happiness at the good news. He finally opens the card, which reads: "Surprise Daddy!"

The emotional video has been watched over 700,00 times and it's no surprise as it's quite the tearjerker.