NICU nurse makes tiny superhero outfits for premature babies - see the adorable photos

Emmy Griffiths

The Catawba Valley Medical Centre for Women and Children has been filled with baby superheroes after one nurse had the idea of making adorable crochet costumes for 17 premature babies who would be spending Halloween in medical unit.

Creating adorable snaps of the tiny babies in their outfits, the nurse, Katie Windsor, them surprised the precious children's parents with the heart-warming snaps. The hospital shared the pictures on Facebook, writing: "Look at our Halloween babies from our Level III NICU. Almost ready for trick or treating. Sweet! Thanks to Katie Windsor RN, our resident photographer and official costume maker."


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The nurse had the idea from Pinterest

Katie opened up about her idea to People magazine, saying: "I was on Pinterest looking around for ideas and I saw something that sparked an idea. I thought these little babies need to be superheroes because they already are little heroes.

"They have to leave their babies at the hospital and it's not normal. This kind of normalised things for them and at that moment it made them happy."

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The nurse crocheted 17 outfits for her patients

A baby Batman's mother, Emily Sauceda, said: "I had been trying to find a costume but couldn't find anything small enough. Being in the NICU is hard, it's a difficult situation, but this made us feel like regular moms and dads.

"They are all so adorable. It's just brought all the parents so much joy."

Admirers of the adorable outfits were quick to comment on the sweet snaps.

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The adorable pictures quickly went viral

"Absolute adorable," one wrote. "Don't know Katie but she is an amazing woman, these babies and their parents are so blessed to have someone care so much about them."

Another added: "That is absolutely the cutest thing I have seen…the lady who made these costumes deserves to be recognised for the sweet and adorable costumes for those precious babies!"

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