Can't let it go! Twin toddlers recreate their favourite scene from Frozen.. over and over again!

These little girls can’t let their favourite movie go - and it’s absolutely adorable! Twins Maddie and Scarlett Jordan, who are almost two, showed off their impressive acting skills recreating their favourite scene from Disney’s 2013 hit film, Frozen. In the now-viral clip posted to their mother Colleen Jordan’s Facebook page, which was shared in March, the twin sisters recreated the scene where Elsa’s magic strikes her sister Anna to the ground.

Never missing a beat during their performance, Maddie and Scarlett hit all of their marks, which include grabbing each other’s hands and stopping in their tracks to look at their mother, who chuckles behind the camera at the moment the Disney character’s mum enters the screen. Colleen took to her Facebook to express the joy that came with her little girls' performance going viral.

“Last night, I was able to go through a lot of the comments and messages from everyone over these last few days,” the post from the Philadelphia native read. “My husband and I are blown away by all of the love we have received. Thank you for reaching out to us. We are so happy our girls made so many people around the world smile.”

Speaking to local news station Fox 29, Colleen went on to say: "Every time it's on, they get their pillow and they get ready and they act out the scene." The adorable siblings have been performing for months, with Maddie always playing Elsa and Scarlett reprising her role as Anna. One day, Colleen decided to take a video and share it with friends and family online. She said: "I just decided to get my camera out to see if they, you know, they do it, and they did. And I just posted it, didn't expect it to get so many hits ... We're just shocked."

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