Pregnant weather presenter hits back at shocking body shamer: video

Kelsey McEwen works on Canada's Your Morning breakfast show

Gemma Strong

A pregnant weather presenter has spoken out after her choice of maternity outfits were deemed "disgusting" by one viewer. Kelsey McEwen presents the weather on Canadian breakfast show, Your Morning, and she used the show as a forum to hit back at the cruel body shamer. It came after someone sent a tweet to the Your Morning official account, writing: "I can't believe the skin tight maternity attire… disgusting." Kelsey initially decided to share the post on Twitter herself, writing alongside: "When what a 34 week pregnant woman is wearing is what someone finds 'disgusting' in this world… time to check your priorities."

Pregnant Kelsey McEwen hit back at the body shamer on Your Morning

She then went on to address the issue live on the show. "There was a tweet sent to the Your Morning account describing my maternity wear as 'disgusting' – their words, not mine," she said on air. "I decided to take it upon myself to share this tweet with the world, and say when what I'm wearing is what you find disgusting in this world – in this week, in particular – you need to check your priorities.

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"Listen, I'm a firm believer that my body and your body is no one's business but your own. Your body is not for anyone to talk about. It is not anyone else's business but your own. You know what is disgusting? Not my wear, but racism and hate and bullying. So let's stand up to that."

The TV star also took to social media to address the issue

Kelsey, who is due to give birth to her second baby at the end of September, later took to Instagram to further explain why she had become so "fired up". She wrote: "I am more than how I look. I am kind, smart, hardworking and most importantly: no better or worse than anyone else because of my appearance. This is bigger than pregnancy. This come down to how we fundamentally rank (and treat) people based on how they look. Enough is enough. We are better."

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